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5 Domestic Tourism Experiences Nigerians Reminisce About During the Lockdown

Just because interstate borders are on lockdown doesn’t mean you can’t travel in your mind. One way to keep hope alive is to relive those tourism experiences that made you fall in love with travelling. Some people are already way ahead of us on this trend. Instagram is filled with wanderlust shots by tour operators, enough to whet the appetite of any adventurer. Meanwhile, on Twitter, Nigerians share tales of travel experiences that remain evergreen in their memory.

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Here are the top 5 domestic tourism experiences Nigerians can never forget:

Hiking trails and rock climbing

Hiking up the Erin Ijesha mountain is one experience most visitors can’t forget. The exercise of climbing the mountain to see the majesty of the third level of Erin Ijesha’s waterfall with a tour guide is epic. Another hiking trail people can’t get enough of is the trek from Osun’s Erin Ijesha to Obake village and Ekiti (Iponle). The joy of hiking and rock climbing is unforgettable.

Chasing waterfalls and beach outings

In the quest to chase waterfalls, people have hiked from Ikogosi Warm Spring to Arinta Waterfalls in Ekiti State. The experience of seeing cold waterfalls after the confluence of hot and cold water is worth it. Then there are those who miss visiting the beaches like Takwa Bay where they can sleepover and drink fresh coconut juice. People remember not only the majesty of Gurara Falls but also the journey to the destination. It goes to prove that sometimes the journey is as important as the destination.

Resort chilling 

After being cramped in the house for weeks, the appeal for a resort has skyrocketed. Fantasies of utilising the facilities at Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River and Ibom Resort in Akwa Ibom are top on the list. The lush green spaces at the resort, cable car or golf cart ride, or even a safari in a nature preserve like Okomu or Yankari are the stuff of dreams. Some tourists have also shared tales of sleeping over at a beach and waking up to the sight of it.

Cultural tourism and city tours

The beauty of having a tour guide is learning about folklores and history of places one visits. Some of these stories cannot be found on the internet or in books. This is one reason visiting places like Abeokuta, Owerri, and Benin City come to mind when cultural tourism is discussed. Just driving around the city, eating at the local joints or visiting the crafts market in another town brings back pleasant memories.

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Road trips and flights

Travelling through the back roads in Kogi from Enugu to Abuja, in Kwara from Ilorin to Kaiama, or from Ajah to Oshodi in Lagos comes to mind. Alternating road trips by flight also adds to the travel experience. Also, exploring the country’s southern regions are also top on the list of memories Nigerians would love to relive once the pandemic is over.

Every traveller has an unforgettable story to share about their tourism experience. Let us know which tour experience you look forward to when this pandemic is all over.

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