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App Of The Week: GoMoney

GoMoney is a digital service that was designed to help Nigerians manage their finances better. The app, which caters to a diverse audience, aims to improve the banking experience of users by enabling them to spend their money better.

GoMoney is free of the failed transactions, excess charges, or needless paperwork that is typical of the traditional bank system. It provides a platform for people who may not manage a bank account but handle money on a daily basis.

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From phone numbers to payment links and nearby payment, transactions can be done through multiple channels. GoMoney caters to both individuals and groups, enabling them to schedule payments, split costs, and monitor transactions.

Why GoMoney Stands Out

No doubt, Gomoney has stiff competition in the Nigerian fintech space when it comes to the likes of Kudi, Alat, or Piggyvest. However, it has a number of unique features that give it an advantage in the market. 

Like many fintech platforms, Gomoney allows users to schedule recurring payments for later dates. But it goes a step further by allowing not only individual users but groups as well. This makes Gomoney attractive to SMEs which would benefit from the scheduling feature. 

Also, GoMoney provides a tracking feature for users to monitor how they spend their money. With this feature, users can view information on transactions done through all the channels on the app. 

Another outstanding feature of the app is its Nearby payment feature, which allows users to pay other users without having access to details like their phone numbers or account numbers. 

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GoMoney is designed for everyone including those who currently do not have access to traditional banking. 

Getting The App 

Download the app on Google Play store by clicking the link below 


Featured image source: GoMoney

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