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Asusu, the Culinary Pride of Abiriba Kingdom

Abiriba Kingdom, known as the small London of Abia State, is a matrilineal society. It is made up of several autonomous communities who share a common cultural heritage under the leadership of Eze Enachioken. Abiriba is the home of some of the entrepreneurs and industrialists in Igboland. The people are accommodating, fun loving and peaceful; they are also very proud of their customs and traditions. Since food is a vital aspect of culture, we will be briefly review Asusu, a Nigerian delicacy that is indigenous to Abiriba Kingdom.

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Asusu is a ceremonial delicacy in Abiriba. It is prepared with grinded corn meal, salt and water. Pepper and palm oil are optional additions to this food. In fact, if palm oil must be added to the puree, the quantity should be just enough to add a bit of colour to the food.

Like moi moi, asusu is wrapped with leaves. But while uma leaves is used to wrap beans puree for moi moi, ebe leaves which is also known as akwukwo asusu is used to wrap asusu puree. This corn meal delicacy is steamed, with water covering all the wraps.

Equally important to note, firewood infuses its unique flavour to this food and adds to its sweetness. So, if you want to savour authentic asusu, go for the firewood-flavoured ones.

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Asusu is traditionally served with a special okro soup which the natives call ugbogho. The two vegetables used in preparing ofe ugbogho are okro and ugbogbo or ugu. When asusu is ready, it is unwrapped and cut into small pieces like  yam. These pieces are then used to scoop ofe ugbogho.

Finally, asusu and ugbogho can be considered a classic example of a local delicacy. This food is best enjoyed hot.

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