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First Bank is Targeting 1 Million Students with Free e-Learning Subscriptions

First Bank is partnering with Roducate, Nigeria’s first indigenous e-learning platform, to deliver online learning services to Nigerian students. The bank says it’s doing this to plug a gap in education that’s opened up in the wake of the closure of schools in the country due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program, which also involves the Lagos State Government, has thus far reached thousands of students, according to officials at First Bank.

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Roducate offers educational content on its platform to a broad range of learners, from pupils in Primary 1 to university students. Its content is in line with the syllabuses of the NERDC, NUC, and JAMB, as well as the Lagos State Ministry of Education and the African Union. 

Material on the platform includes notes, podcasts, and tutorial videos. The diversity of content types caters to people with different learning preferences, whether it’s reading, listening, or watching visual representations.

The learning process is also strengthened with assignments and mock exams that test the progress of students through lessons. Users can take notes as they go along, and refer to them when they need to. The platform has educational games configured into it as well; these games make learning fun for children and increase their engagement with the material on offer.

Adesola Adeduntan, the CEO, First Bank, explained that the bank’s partnership with the Lagos State Government has allowed it to provide low-end devices preloaded with the Roducate app for students in the state.

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“This solution will see Lagos State offer children in the lower bracket, who may not have access to devices or data from home, affordable smartphones preloaded with the curriculum,” he said.

“The phones have SIMs and limited data tied only to the Roducate learning product, which means the recipients cannot browse, encouraging safe learning, but can still submit tests, mock exams, etc.”

Mr. Adeduntan noted that the partnership is allowing students to access educational content for free, while they remain away from physical school premises. He encouraged parents to register their children to use the platform, to make the most of the extended absence of physical learning at schools.

To date, Roducate app has had over 700,000 unique subscribers. Parents can help their children learn for free by registering for the program on the First Bank website.

The bank has also teamed up with Curious Learning, an ed-tech venture that creates localized learning solutions, to provide pre-school and early learning content for children aged 3-8 years old. 

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