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Food Tips: 4 Ways to Make Egusi Balls

I love egusi soup. Even though I enjoy this soup more when it has balls, I can eat it anyhow it turns out. Unfortunately, not everyone can eat egusi soup without balls. Some even go as far as calling it uncomplimentary names. I don’t blame them. But I think helping more people to learn how to make egusi soup with balls will help even more people come to love and enjoy this soup. Below are four ways to make egusi balls.

Mix Blended and Chopped Onions into Ground Egusi

This is my sharp sharp method of making egusi balls and it works well. Simply blend some onions and dice some too. Mix the blended onions into the ground egusi little by little because the paste should be thick and not watery. When you’ve achieved that thick paste, add the diced onions. Afterwards, use your hand or a spoon to scoop the paste into the boiling pot of soup and it will form lumps.

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Mix a Little Hot Water into the Egusi and Pound

I call this the first mortar method. Just add a little hot water to the ground egusi. The hot water will help it bind when you pound it. When the egusi is ready, the mortar will be oily. All you need do is cut the oily lumps into balls and drop them into the already boiling pot of soup to form lumps. 

Fry Ground Egusi after Mixing it with a Little Water

I’ve never tried this method but I heard it works. If you want to use this method, simply mix the ground egusi with water. When you have a thick paste, fry it in hot oil. When the egusi starts to dry up, the balls start forming. If you add these balls into soup when it starts boiling, it won’t disintegrate.

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Add Chopped Onions and Pepper to Ground Egusi, Mix and Pound

This is the popular mortar method. I only use this method when I have energy for ceremony. Lol. For this method, mix chopped onions and pepper to ground egusi and pour it into a clean mortar. Pound until the juice in the onions and pepper help the egusi to bind. Then cut the egusi into small balls and drop them into the boiling pot of soup to form lumps.

So, there, you have the four methods of making egusi balls. Now, experiment at your convenience. Find out what works for you and wow people with your soup.


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