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How to Engage in Domestic Tourism During This Pandemic

As we expect the ease of lockdown within the country, the term domestic tourism has become recurrent. Domestic tourism is when residents of a country travel for leisure within their country. You don’t have to travel out of the country to be a tourist; that’s just international tourism. And with the interstate border lockdown, it is becoming clear that you need not travel outside your state to experience tourism. So rather than bemoan the lockdown, now is the best time to find out the tour attractions your state has to offer and plan to experience it.

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With the nonessential interstate travel still on hold, you may forget about hitching a flight this season. But how can Nigerians make the most of domestic tourism? Below are a few tips:

1. Keep an ID close by

In some states, government allows only essential movement, while others allow movements as long as we maintain the social distancing rules. This means you may be stopped on the road by officials for not having a facemask on or questioned about where you are going. Whichever the case may be, you need to keep some form of identification with you when you move around.

2. Keep your distance 

The crux of surviving this pandemic is learning to keep your distance from people. So if you want to go exploring your town, or a tourist destination within your state, ensure you consider physical distancing. Using public transport with cramped seating might be akin to exposing yourself to the contagion. Choose a mode of transportation that requires isolation and distancing. Examples include riding bicycles for a city tour or driving your personal vehicle around different local government areas in your state. Also, make sure the destination you are going to is one that is not easily crowded. Remember, the government permits only 20 persons to gather at public places. If you get to your tourist destination and you see a crowd of people not wearing a facemask or not standing at least 2 meters apart, turn around and go home.

3. Pack your own supplies

Thanks to the lockdown, most businesses are on lockdown. Instead of buying street food, prepare your meal at home. It is best to pack your own supplies like food, tissues, sanitizers, soap for washing, a bag of pure water and reusable water bottles. This way you don’t have to depend on vendors at your destination to provide basic needs.  

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4. Engage in daycations

Most hotels, resorts, restaurants are closed so the chances of a sleepover are low. Choose activities you can execute and enjoy in a day. A daycation offers you a full day’s experience and fun. It are less expensive than sleepovers because it removes the extra cost attached. Adventure activities, city tours, and sightseeing are cool for memorable daycations.

If you can try these within your state, you will be better prepared to engage in interstate domestic tourism after the lockdown.

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