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Brands We Love: Tonimas Group, Abia State

Tonimas is a industrial conglomerate headquartered in Aba. Since it’s establishment almost four decades ago, it has estabished its presence across the South East and adjoining regions, with service stations dispensing its flagship Automotive lubricant products.

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But while the Tonimas brand is associated with its industrial oils, the company has broadened its output to also include plastic containers, aluminium and nails, packaged water, logistics, and even hospitality.

Tonimas was incorporated in 1982. From a relatively modest base in Aba, it’s grown through the years to become one of Abia State‘s most recognizable manufacturing outfits. It now employs hundreds of people, and churns out tons of its products daily.

Its oils have become so successful at the local markets and garages in the South East that they rival brands from multinational petrochemical firms. Considering the stiffness of the competition in this sector, the fact that Tonimas has held its own for such a long time suggests that it has appealed to a fair swathe of its target market.

Tonimas makes its lubricants at a large facility in Aba. These lubricants include the Noble 68 industrial hydraulic oil, an anti-wear fluid; the Primus Super, for gasoline engines; Supreme, designed for two-stroke engine capacity; and Kaper, for diesel engines. There’s also a gear oil product and T5 Brake Fluid, for clutches and breaks.

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These oils are packaged in plastic containers also fashioned by Tonimas. Its plastic manufacturing plant caters to third parties as well. Thanks to its Hybrid Mould and Prototype technologies, it can take on orders from firms with different product needs.

In 2009, Tonimas added an aluminium plant to its manufacturing capabilities; it also began producing nails, and stone-chip roofing sheets. At its peak, the nail facility puts out more than 4 tonnes of nails per day. A year before this, the company had commenced the production of packaged water.

Another aspect of Tonimas’ operations is its Haulage and Shipping services. Its trucks deliver Tonimas’ products across the country. They’re also available to convey goods for clients nationwide. This service covers large product hauls.

The company has its service stations located within the South East amd neughbouring regions. They are situated in Abia, Imo, Anambra, Ebonyi, Cross Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Benue, Nassarawa, and Delta States.

Featured Image Source: Tonimas Group

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