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Recipe for Fried Yam Balls

The major difference between today’s food and ojojo is that ojojo is prepared with grated water yam while yam balls is prepared with pounded yam. Both, however, are delicious snacks that anyone can prepare and enjoy at home. It can even be a Saturday morning breakfast. 

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Ingredients for yam balls



Green bell pepper

Fresh pepper 


Cooking butter 

Vegetable oil 






How to Prepare

Peel, dice and rinse the yams. Put them in a clean pot. Add water and salt to it. Cook on medium heat till tender. Scoop the yams into a mortar and mash till smooth. 

Add cooking butter and chopped onions to the mashed yam. Also add the diced green bell pepper and fresh pepper to the yam, as well as the sardine. Crack an egg and separate the yolk from the white. Put the yolk in the mashed yam. Add seasoning, salt and thyme. Mix all together.

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Wash your hands and mould the mashed yam mixture into balls. When you’ve exhausted the mashed yam mixture, arrange the flour and egg white for easy coating.

Pour enough vegetable oil into a pot and turn the gas on medium heat. Pass yam balls through egg white and flour. When the last ball is coated, do a heat test and if the oil is hot enough, deep fry till golden brown. Scoop the balls out and serve hot. 

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