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Brands We Love: Tetrazzini Group

Nigeria isn’t lacking in quick service restaurants. Its cities are dotted with these centres, many of them representing a sizeable franchise. If you ever lose your love for the dishes served in one, there’s always another eagerly waiting for you to dine with them instead.

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Tetrazzini is one of the better-known of these brands. For two decades, it has entertained taste buds and filled bellies in the country’s metropolises. Its restaurants continue to serve up African and fast foods, holding their own among a growing field of players in the industry.

Donatus Okonkwo, who founded the company, says he has a long history with well-prepared meals. While he was a student in the United Kingdom he augmented his finances by working at a McDonald’s store. The experience proved invaluable, as he learned how a world-class fast food business was managed.  

He incorporated Tetrazzini in December 1999. The first restaurant was in Ajao Estate, in the Isolo district of Lagos. Thanks to the quality of the service at the restaurant, it attracted a sizeable number of people daily. Soon, new branches were being set up elsewhere in the state.

Today, Tetrazzini has several outlets in Lagos. These places typically serve meals on-site. But there’s also provision for takeaways and deliveries to homes, offices, and special events. According to the company, the quality of its service is constant across the board, whether it’s on-site orders or off-site supply.

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The range of dishes served by Tetrazzini includes a variety of rice preparations (curry rice, jollof rice, and more), spiced fish, chicken, and local dishes.

But Tetrazzini has expanded beyond its beginnings as a quick service restaurant. It now has other businesses in diverse industries, each bearing the parent organization’s name. These concerns include a bureau de change, a real estate development firm, and an oil and gas company.

Tetrazzini Properties was incorporated in 2006 and currently owns and leases property in several residential communities. Its management and leasing service has served clients in other African countries as well.

The oil and gas arm of the group is involved in the exploration, distribution, and marketing of petroleum products in Nigeria. And its bureau de change business provides foreign currency, travelers’ cheques, and transnational transfer services to clients.

Starting as a single restaurant, Tetrazzini has become a collection of major companies carving out a space in their respective industries. But it remains a recognizable brand in the quick service restaurant niche, where competition has grown more intense over time.

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