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Did You Know? Nigeria’s Numerous Waterfalls

When talking of the wonders of Northeast Nigeria, one thing people often neglect to mention is the waterfalls. Sure we know popular ones like Gurara Falls but there are many more in Nigeria.

Waterfalls are such a relaxing sight to behold. Just the sound can trigger your body’s nervous system to enter repair mode. We find some waterfalls in dense forest regions. A few have very shallow drops while the road to some are hard to access.

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Today we want to share as many waterfalls in Nigeria as we can find.

Olumirin/Erin Ijesha Waterfalls: Discovered in 1140 AD, this waterfall is a tourist attraction located in Erin Ijesha town in Osun State.

Gurara Falls: This waterfall, whose volume increases in rainy season and flows into Gurara River, is found along Suleja-Minna Road, Niger State.

Assop Falls: It is associated with rapids and located along the Jos-Kagoro Road in Plateau State.

Oferekpe Falls: This is located in Ikwo Town, Ebonyi State.

Miango Falls: Located around the hills in Bassa LGA, Miango, in Plateau State.

Jaffy Falls: This waterfall drops from a 50 ft high plateau into a valley in Kwaya-Kusar LGA, Borno State.

Farin Ruwa: This is one of the highest waterfalls in Nigeria. It is found in Nasarawa State.

Arinta Waterfalls: This spectacular sight is tucked away in Ipole Iloro Town in Ekiti State.

Kwa Falls: From a narrow gorge, this fall which flows into River Kwa, is located in the Cross River National Park (not far from Calabar).

Ezeagu Falls: This waterfall can be seen in the popular Ezeagu Tourist Complex in Enugu State.

Agbokim Waterfalls: Here is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Nigeria because of its rainbow effect. It is located close to the Cameroon border in Cross River.

Owu Waterfall: This icy cold fall that drops on rocky terrains into an aquamarine pool around a rocky outcrop is located in Ifelodun LGA, Kwara.

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Matsirga Falls: Similar to the Agbokim Falls, this fall has four streams flowing from Kagoro Hill that cascade down the cliffs of surrounding hills. It is located in Madakiya/Kafanchan, Kaduna.

Osome Falls: It calmly flows over rock formations and is located in Ukpogo Town in Kogi State.

Barup Falls: This tiered falls is located in Gembu, Taraba State.

Kurra Falls: It is located along Jos-Pankshin Road in Plateau and can be difficult to locate without a guide.

Ogba-Ukwu Falls: It is located in Owerre Ezukala, a border town in Anambra.

Obudu Waterfall: It may not be as big or mind-blowing as the other waterfalls, but the descent down Obudu mountain just to see it is just as exciting. It is located in Obudu Mountain Resort in Cross River.

Ngwo Fall: Hidden away in the heart of the cave at Ngwo Pine Forest is this single drop fall that ends up in a very shallow pool that flows into a stream. It is located in Enugu.

Awhum Falls: Also in Enugu, this brown waterfall cascades within a cave, just like Ngwo Falls.

Effon Falls: Lost between Arinta and Olumirin waterfalls on the same Effon Ridge where is makes a limpid fall. It is located in Effon-Alaaye, in Ekiti State.

Mambilla Waterfalls: It lies somewhere on the Mambilla Plateau, in Taraba.

Each of these waterfalls are unique is structure. They make for stunning pictures and worthwhile experiences. Which of these have you visited?

There are many waterfalls all over Nigeria that are not yet on our tourism map. Feel free to tell us of anyone that is not on this list.

Featured image source: Nigeria Tourism

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