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Different Shades Of Uju Obuekwe

In the realm of business, there are those who show you how to provide quality products or services to your customers or clients, and there are others who go beyond the basics by showing you how to build a strong brand image for your business or career. One such individual who falls into the latter category is Uju Obuekwe.

For over a decade, Uju Obuekwe has been in the business of helping companies project the right brand image. She reaches these companies through the medium of conferences, workshops, and books. As she launches her newest book, The Essential Guide to Personal Branding, here are few things to know about Uju Obuekwe.

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She Is The Founder of Platform Branding 

In 2009, Uju co-founded Platform Branding Company, an award-winning Marketing Communications Agency that caters to companies in need of branding and advertising services. She co-founded the company after transitioning from the banking and financial services sector to the marketing communications industry. At the time, she had gained enough experience to run an agency that offers top-notch branding services.

She Is A Lawyer And Leading Brand And Business Strategist

In addition to being a graduate of Law, Uju has certificates in Corporate Innovation and Entrepreneurial Management from the Stanford Graduate School of Business LEAD Program and EDC, Pan Atlantic University respectively. Through her knowledge and experience as a business expert, Uju has helped entrepreneurs and professionals who want to build a successful brand.

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She Is A Gender Activist 

Also, Uju Obuekwe lends her voice to issues surrounding gender equality. In an interview with a correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), she urged President Muhammadu Buhari to appoint more women into strategic roles in his administration

According to her, appointing more women will lead to significant change at both the national and state levels in Nigeria.

She Has Authored Insightful Books On The Art Of Branding

Uju also conveys her knowledge about branding through books. Not only do her books usher readers into the world of branding, but they also provide them with a blueprint for leading successful brands.

These books include Branding to Win (How Ageless Principles Build Timeless Brands) and After the Break: A Returning Woman’s Guide to Work. 

Her most recent book, The Essential Guide to Personal Brandingoffers a detailed break-down on how you can successfully brand your business when it comes to identifying your brand, positioning yourself as an expert, and monetising your skills.

Are you looking to learn how to build a strong brand image? Get The Essential Guide to Personal Branding here.


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