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Everyday Heroes: The TrackAm Team


Though not much is known about this name-Prince Enwerem, it is one, however, that attention must be paid to; both now and in the near future.

Prince Enwerem hails from Imo state, of the Igbo stock in Nigeria. He was born on the 8th of January in Calabar but has had a fair share of growing, settling and adapting to different cities. From Calabar to Port-Harcourt to Ibadan and to Lagos, where he currently resides. The inter-city movement had an impact on his education, given that he had to keep switching schools and institutions at different stages of his life. Ultimately, however, he is an alumnus of Madonna University and a graduate of Mechanical Engineering from the named institution.

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Tracking the TrackAm Development

Somewhere in the middle of 2019, Prince had a meeting with a potential client from a particular start-up program he was engaged with then, alongside, one of TrackAm’s co-founder friends, Zenith Wogwugwu. At that time, they were dealing with tech-related projects until the idea for TrackAm popped up. In December 2019, the opportunity for the idea to be better developed arose. This was through the NaijaHack’s hackathon program, which had an innovation category called ‘Citizen Safety’. The Duo, alongside their third co-founder, Stanley Emecheta, registered for the hackathon, with the aim of pushing the TrackAm to the next level. That was the genesis of the revelation of more genius. Within a few weeks, they were able to come up with the product design and all they needed to participate in the hackathon. To cut the long story short, they won the category they enrolled in: Citizen Safety. That victory is what is bringing TrackAm to greater limelight.

It is important to note that, There is TrackAm technologies limited, the company and TrackAm – the app. The company produces the app. The TrackAm Company intends to be a problem solution provider for issues tending towards safety and security.

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TrackAm and How It Works

The app works in a very simple and intelligent manner. For example, where a victim who has the app installed on their phone is attacked, all that they need to do, is to shake their phone and in turn, automatically sends a distress signal to the appropriate or intended person or group; usually, a family member, friend, colleague, loved ones or whoever has their number registered on the app. The distress signal which is an ‘SOS’ is also accompanied with pictures, videos as well as the current location of the ‘attacked’ or ‘victim’.


The targeted number/ loved one is therefore alerted and therefore, is able to make the emergency calls to the hotlines of the security personnel or forces, or whoever has the responsibility of ensuring safety at that point. More so, where the targeted number of a loved one also has the app installed on their phones, contacting the emergency lines become faster since they can speed-dial the emergency lines on the app. Also, they can instantly share the happening on social media in real-time, since photos and videos are accompanying the SOS call. This deals with the issue of ‘no evidence’ as well as enables a more prompt response and action to events and happenings.

Final Words

This is just on a basic level, given that the app has other premium features which provide way better services than the basic provision of the app. (The good news is the premium version will be available for both android and ios users by the end of the month of June 2020). TrackAm is more than just another app. This is a life-changing and life-saving innovation. Thanks to Enwerem and the entire TrackAm team, sponsors, influencers and mentors, the world will be a better place. You are our everyday Heroes, not just in Nigeria or for Africa, but the world and humanity at large.



A Phone Interview on the 5th of June with Mr Prince Enwerem


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1 Comment

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    26th June 2020 at 2:32 pm

    Yes, the trackAm App is easy to use. Kudos to the trackAm Team. Thank you for giving us an arena for safety.

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