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How To Earn Consistently With WhatsApp

WhatsApp is a very significant platform to promote brands and businesses while building customer’s trust and loyalty in the process. Since it is easier to exchange value for money with someone who you have their direct contacts and solid business-customer relationship, then, there’s a better chance to generate decent income with the right audience.

In order to generate income, there are certain monetisation areas of businesses you can leverage on. These include:

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Information Marketing

Information Marketing is one of the new oils generating a reasonable profit on WhatsApp. For someone who has acquired relevant skills of the field and who love to pass across knowledge, information marketing is not a bad idea.

In recent days, so many seminars, interviews and other educational sessions have been held on WhatsApp groups which have increased rapidly due to the pandemic. That showcases a new opportunity for professionals and innovative people with insightful stories to tell the world.

All that is required is to get good visibility where there is a wide range of the right audience who are going to view your statuses daily; can relate, engage and patronise your brand. After this, design a flyer about your upcoming training, seminar among others, write relevant and persuasive contents, put a training fee and share them on your status. Since you already have the right audience who understand the value you are offering, they will be willing to pay for it and share with like-minded individuals as well as those who can also render money for the value that you’re offering.

Product Sales

One of the most profitable and descent ways to sell on the internet is via WhatsApp. With the platform, you can build trust and good customer relation with your audience. What is required of you is to get your business to WhatsApp, set up your local listing, business hours, create your product store and get a proper audience who need the product you’re selling.

Furthermore, continue to consistently engage your customers on available products, prices and business updates like changes in existing prices, new location and delivery process, etc. Do not neglect to build a solid relationship by reaching out to them to appreciate their patronage and get feedback on the product. Also, make sure to prioritise your brand identity through transparency.

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If, for example, you can have 1000 consistent audiences who view your products via your WhatsApp, daily, you have a better chance of generating sales via your converting content, good customer relationship, brand identity and consistency.

You can also sell your digital products such as courses, tutorials, etc. using the same visibility technique, previewing your course to your audience, and using the power of content marketing to convert your prospective buyers into customers and brand evangelists.

WhatsApp TV

Now that the majority of brands and businesses want to get good promotion and generate sales but do not have enough visibility to achieve that, therefore, they begin to find where they could get such value and offer a fee in return.

Besides businesses, so many online events are being held online which demand the service of an advertiser with a promising conversion rate and this is where you come in with your visibility.

Affiliate Marketing

You can be marketing a Clickbank, FBA product, etc. by writing great contents on your status and posting the link to the post you’re advertising to generate sales commission using the product strategies and techniques.

PPD Downloads And Blog Referral

You can monetise your WhatsApp by sharing Pay Per Download websites to your audience. Inasmuch as your audience’s needs are in line with the website’s goal, your contacts can become your customers by introducing the CPA marketing strategy and begin your business.

Also as a blogger, you can leverage WhatsApp to share amazing posts, contents and generate traffic to the website via WhatsApp contacts who are already impressed with your posts. In the process, they will help you promote your brand, and get higher traffic to your website with engagements.

With the above information and explanation, you have known how to convert your WhatsApp to a money-making machine. Now, take action and begin your business journey.

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