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How To Use Video Conferencing On WhatsApp

Among the few innovations that have made living during the coronavirus outbreak and all its fallout, video conferencing is one of the most prominent. The technology has been around for a while but it has gained renewed traction and the rise of apps like Zoom has seen other social platforms such as Facebook and Google commit resources to providing video conferencing tools and solution. Notably Facebook-owned WhatsApp has added a new update that allows a user to make a video call to eight persons at the same time in the mold of a mini-video conference. While it is not on a professional scale, the feature is a game changer for small businesses especially as these businesses are bearing the brunt of social distancing. So here is how to access that helpful feature.

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Make sure your WhatsApp is updated and your Android is above v4.1.

From a group:

  • Go to the group you want to video call.
  • If your group has less than four participants, the group video call feature is automatically activated so you only need to tap on the video camera icon (video calls) on the top right corner of your screen and you are good to go.
  • If the group has over five participants, tap the WhatsApp call button on the top right corner, add participants to the tune of eight persons and then tap on the video call icon.

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From the call tab:

  • Slide to or tap on the Calls tab
  • Tap on the New Call button and go on to select the contacts you want to add to the call and then tap on the video call button.

To turn an individual call to a group call/video chat:

  • Open a chat with a contact, tap video call
  • Once the contact accepts the call, you can add participants from the add participants icon to search or selects new contacts to add to the video call.
  • Once prompted, tap add.

The quality of your call and video signal depends a lot on how strong your network is and the quality of a call depends on the contact with the weakest signal.



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