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Nigeria Set To Cede 24 LGA To The Creation Of The (UNO) State Of Cameroon

The Federal Republic of Nigeria is set to lose at least 24 local councils by July 10, 2020, to a new country to be referred to as the United Nations Organisation (UNO) State of Cameroon. Nigeria will have to let go of these territories owing to its border with la Republique du Cameroun. With President Paul Biya’s withdrawal of Camerounian troops from the southern parts of the UN-planned new country, the stage has been set for the creation of what would soon be addressed as the youngest nation on earth.

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In a letter dated May 26, 2020, Professor Martins Chia Ateh, the UN workshops coordinator in Nigeria and Cameroun, noted that the withdrawal of the Central African country’s soldiers from the border was officially demanded by Ali A. Treki, the former President of the United Nations General Assembly on May 20, 2020.  Ateh went further to state that he will adress the issue of a new state once the United Nations went public with it.

Greetings and thank you very much for the attached list of those who were detained in the Nkambe prison of Cameroon in August 2008. It is only now that the soldiers of la Republique du Cameroun are being withdrawn from the southern part of UNO State of Cameroon…I should be getting back to you once the United Nations finishes with an official announcement on the existence of UNO State of Cameroon to the international community.”

Prof. Martins Chia Ateh

The issue of a new state creation started as far back as March 2003, when the late former United Nations Secretary General, Koffi Annan, got Presidents Paul Biya of Cameroun and Olusegun Obasanjo of Nigeria to sign documents respecting the international boundaries of both countries. Annan while negotiating peace got both presidents to cede their twin territories (Northern Nigeria and Southern Cameroons), to the creation of a proposed UNO new country in West and Central Africa.

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As the UN pledges to the actualisation of the new state on July 10, 2020, residents of Southern Cameroun have been excited with the development as since last year (2019), they had already tagged the new country with the name ”Ambazonia.” Nigeria will loose a total of 24 local government areas (12 in Adamawa, 7 in Taraba, and 5 in Borno) to the new formation that is expected to have a total landmass of 28, 214 square km and an estimated 20 million population owing to the extension of the new country from the Bakassi Peninsula in Cross River State to Ngala Local Government Area of Borno State in the Lake Chad region.

The UN Secretary General, Anthonio Guterres, has already commenced plans towards hitting the July 10 date, while constantly reaching out to Ateh to constantly organise workshops on the brief history of the UNO State of Cameroon which has been under the watch of the organisation, since Obasanjo and Biya put pen to paper in 2003. Professor Ateh revealed some of the local governments in Nigeria to be ceded, as the UN urged the Nigerian government to work towards the plan. They include: Bama, Gwoza, Ngala, Kala/Balge, and Dikwa in Borno state. In Adamawa, Madagali, Michika, Mubi North, Mubi South, Mayo/Belwa, Toungo, Ganye, Serti, Hong, Jada, Maiha and Jada councils are to be lost to the new setting.


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