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Recipe for Zobo Fruit Punch

A couple of months back, I shared a recipe for zobo drink. Well, today’s recipe is not the regular zobo drink that everyone knows. It’s an upgraded version. Of course, it comes with a few extra ingredients; they enrich and add some classy touch to this natural, homemade drink. Guess what? The zobo fruit punch is tasty, super nutritious and affordable. So, hurry! Grab a seat and learn how to make this one too so you can impress your friends the time they come visiting.

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Dried zobo leaves






Bush pepper (masoro)


Sugar (optional)


How to Prepare

Rinse the dust off the zobo leaves. Pour the leaves into a clean, sizeable pot. Add water to it; ensure that it covers the content of the pot. Set the pot to boil on medium heat.

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Prepare the pineapple and watermelon for blending. If you bought already peeled ones, just cut them into smaller, blendable sizes and put them in a clean blender. But if you are using whole fruits, that’s alright too. Just rinse the back of the fruits and peel them. After peeling the skin off the fruits, take out the quantity you need and put them in a clean blender. Add a little water and blend till smooth. Pour the blended mixture through a sieve and set the juice aside for later use.

Rinse and peel the ginger. Cut it into smaller bits. Blend or pound the cloves and bush pepper. When the water comes to the boil, add the ginger and the blended or pounded ingredients. Allow the contents of the pot to boil for 20 to 30 minutes.

When the time has elapsed, turn off the heat. Use a sieve to drain the zobo juice. Add some sugar (optional) to it and allow it to cool.

When the zobo juice is cool, add the pineapple and watermelon juice to it. Stir and if you want to enjoy your zobo punch immediately, dice in the cucumber and apple.

If you’d rather serve and enjoy some chilled zobo fruit punch, pour it in a container and refrigerate. When it’s chilled, serve with diced fruits.


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