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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 4 Leading Instagram Comedians In 2020


One of the ways people relaxed during the lockdown was through comedy – not just any kind, but online comedy.

Although online comedy has been around for some years in Nigeria, it blew up during the lockdown, with many comedians seizing the opportunity to cash in and pitching their tents on social media. This, in turn, served as a form of entertainment for everyone that was at home due to the lockdown.

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A few comedians stood out for the quality of their ideas and how versatile they were with their content. From fun-filled Instagram live shows to engaging social media challenges, here are 4 online who have taken 2020 by storm.


When Josh Alfred aka Josh2funny first appeared with his alter ego Mama Felicia, his Instagram page became a favourite pastime for many fans in love with his unique style of comedy

Today, Josh2funny has successfully carved out a niche for himself as a leading online comedian and is currently one of the most relevant Instagram comedians in Nigeria.

He is known for coming up with some viral trends and slangs on social media such as “All my guys are ballers”, “Gbas Gbos”, and “Depending on my saint Obi”, and the most recent #DontLeaveMeChallenge which many people on social media have participated in.


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#Allmyguysareballerz my first Global trend

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When one watches Taooma in action, it is easy to see that she is reminiscent of pioneer Instagram comedian Maraji, who she never fails to pay homage to. But Taooma has carved a niche for herself with her “mother and daughter” parody videos.

The Instagram comedian, whose real name is Maryam Apaokagi and had her formative years in Namibia, is inspired by how most African parents discipline their children.

This makes her style of comedy easily relatable to most of her fans and followers.



MC Lively

MC Lively is one comedian that proves you can find humour in just about any situation. The Instagram sensation, born Michael Sani Amanesi, became known for his skits in which he portrays the frustrated Nigerian job seeker.

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\His energetic style of comedy is what distinguishes him from the pack. And perhaps this stems from his law background or his overall bubbly personality.

Since he emerged on the comedy scene, he has won the hearts of many Nigerians with his skits that not only elicit humour but actually address issues in Nigeria.


Woli Arole 

Born Oluwatoyin Bayegun, Woli Arole is a standup comedian who also posts skits on Instagram

The comedian, who is known for his comedic impressions of the typical “White Garment” prophet, was one of the influencers that broke the internet during the COVID-19 lockdown, through his live show called “The Chat Room with Woli Arole”

He used this medium to speak on serious issues using a humorous approach.

He also recently bagged an ambassadorial deal with Neimeth Pharmaceutical PLC, a renowned leading health company in Nigeria.

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