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The Good News You Have Been Waiting For


Don’t you feel light when you hear a bit of good news?

In a year like 2020, we are all about sharing and receiving good news. It’s the light we all seek and need in these times.

Everyone is looking to ease stress and tension one way or the other at the moment — nobody wants to have to deal with too much…and you don’t have to.



Do/Keep less.

Navigating is way easier when you are dealing with less. It works magic on your mental health too. We care about you and that is why the Gist Mobile App is configured to help you communicate effortlessly and live a simpler life while still doing everything you need to.

The good news is you can separate various aspects of your lives — work, travel, business by having up to 4 numbers both international and local on one virtual sim. Can you beat that?

You deserve a life with little or no stress. Be a gister today and breathe easy.

Download the Gist Mobile App from Google Play Store or App Store to enjoy the easy life.




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