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Video Of The Week: The Art Of Starting And Quitting

I had a sit down virtually with Seth Godin, a renowned entrepreneur and marketing guru passionate about making ideas spread to discuss the art of starting and Quitting. In the 15 minutes interview, below were 5 things that stood out:

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On Starting

Seek out the smallest viable project. Do not come up with a business plan requiring 50 million dollars in funding that’s going to change the whole world if you’ve never started anything before. What’s the thing you can do that would help three people? What’s the thing you could do that changes 5 people? If you hear the stories of people who have become successful entrepreneurs, their first business is almost always a lemonade stand. The point is, find a small project, make a difference, and then do a bigger one.

On Failing

Of course, we are going to fail. People fail almost all the time. If you are into sports, more than half the people who show up for the tournament lose the tournament; if you are starting a business, almost everybody fails; or if you are running for office, almost everyone who starts doesn’t win. Almost everyone is going to fail. You start by acknowledging that it probably won’t work but it’s still a generous thing to try. 

On Consistency

Decide once to do something every day and once you decide to do that every day, all you have to do is keep your promise. So the idea of consistency is to make a promise, one that you can keep. We want someone who is consistent. We want someone who is going to do their best even if they don’t feel like it. We want someone who is going to make a promise and keep it.

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On Getting Credit

If you really care about making things better, be prepared to give away the credit. Be prepared to just build the thing without people noticing. Because if you do that enough times, you’ll be able to weave something together.

On Quitting

You have no idea when or what to quit but you know you have to decide. There’s no formula. There’s no way to say “If it’s like this, you should quit” or “If it’s not like this, you should keep going” You just need to know that you’ve been quilting all your life and sometimes you quit at the wrong time or you quit the wrong things. Look back, look at other people ahead of you, what did they decide to quit or not quit and look for clues, or symptoms.

This interview is probably the best 15 minutes you will spend today. Watch the full video here: 

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