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10-Year Old Emmanuella Becomes Coding Tutor In The UK


Nigerians are not having a great time right now if you focus on the Hushpuppi newsreel but there is more to our people, good things. Take, for instance, the fact that Nigerians everywhere so often turn up the heat in achievements especially in educational achievements and this time we really took it up a notch. Actually, 10-year-old Emmanuella Oziofu Mayaki just took it up a notch in every sense of the phrase.

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The Edo State-born stunned the Nigerian internet space when news broke that she had been tapped up to teach coding and graphic design at Southfield Primary School in the UK this past week. She is to be the afterschool coding club teacher. She began her journey in tech in Benin City, Edo State at age seven securing a diploma in advanced Excel and PowerPoint and desktop publishing from Mikon Institute of Information Technology all while still being a pupil at Fortune Schools. She has since moved on, acquiring other competencies in tech.

In fact, the young whiz set a target to become a professional web designer and analyst at age nine, at age seven. Guess what, she has achieved it. She has in that time gotten very good at it as she has built a mobile app, Emma’s ICT Academy, where she teaches young ones like herself to code and design, and website of her own. She has gotten so good she has now gone on to teach others after furthering her tech know-how at Compete Computer Technology Centre. Her gig with Southfield says she has come full circle, however, this is one ambition as she has said she now has eyes set on machine learning/robotics as she hopes to program machines to do things in the near future.

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The sky is clearly the beginning at this point for this young jock and we can only hope to hear of more big things from her in the future as she is not sleeping on her medals and achievement and I sincerely wish her well. Funny thing is she admits that until two years ago, she was set on becoming a gynaecologist. So much for future ambitions, right.

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