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6 Top Skills You Can Validate With Microsoft 70-740 Exam And Exam Dumps


As an IT professional, you are bombarded by numerous certifications that promise to help you cement your place at the top. No matter what discipline you choose, there will always be at least one accreditation that will make you relevant in your job and Microsoft remains to be one of the most recognized credential vendors that provide badges for various IT spheres. For example, the will equip you with the profound knowledge and skills in Microsoft Windows Server 2016. Read on to see how you can quickly become a master of the aforementioned server for small and big companies.

What Is Microsoft 70-740 Exam And How Does It Concern You?

70-740 test is designed uniquely for IT professionals whose responsibilities include the installation, storage, and computing functionalities of Windows Server 2016 and helps them upgrade and validate these skills. The assessment is also suitable for professionals who execute general installation tasks and are involved in the creation and management of images for deployment. We have a feeling we are talking about you. Stay with us to know how this exam and its related MCSA Windows Server 2016 badge will improve your competence.

Skills Validated By Microsoft 70-740

The Microsoft 70-740 test is required for Premium Website credential. Therefore, if you want this shiny badge on your collar, this is the exam for you. The skills that it will measure and validate include the following:

  1. Installing Windows Servers in the host and compute environments: Here, your ability to install, upgrade, and migrate servers and workloads will be tested as well as your skills in creating, managing and maintaining images for deployment.
  2. Implementing storage solutions: The exam will prove you are familiar with configuring disks and volumes, implementing data deduplication, and implementing server storage.
  3. Implementing Hyper-V: The assessment will measure your ability to install and configure Hyper-V, its storage, and networking, as well as configure virtual machine settings.
  4. Implementing Windows Containers: your skills in deploying and managing Windows containers will be tested under this domain.
  5. Implementing high availability: Here your knowledge of implementing high availability, disaster recovery options in MS-500 File, failover clustering, network load balancing, and storage spaces direct will be assessed.
  6. Maintaining and monitoring Server environments: Here, you’ll prove your skills in maintaining server installations.

Having a profound understanding of the above topics, you will be able to nail the 70-740 exam to make the first step in your journey to MCSA certification. The other tests that determine your fate include 70-741 and 70-742.

Career Prospects

The associate-level badge in Windows Server 2016 will allow you to get hired as a network engineer, server administrator, system engineer, etc. Notice that according to the latest research done by, specialists with a 70-480 Premium, credential earn an average annual salary of $75,000.

In A Nutshell

All this sounds well but there may be a gnawing thought at the back of your mind if this exam (and a host of others) are being retired next year, is it even worth passing? That is a valid concern, but let us put your mind at rest — it is definitely worth the pursuit! First of all, its retirement doesn’t necessarily mean redundancy. 70-483 Premium to be shifting to role-based certifications, but this MCSA Windows Server 2016 credential garnered in the process remains valid and quantifiable, showcasing to the world your critical thinking and decision-making acumen. Anyway, don’t delay the start of your preparation because the earlier you begin the earlier you’ll get the benefits of being certified!

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