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App Of The Week: Sparkle


Technology adoption in banking is now a huge driving force for financial inclusion in Nigeria. From the provision of basic amenities to the up-scaling of SMEs and access to useful and affordable financial products and services, there are so many ways in which financial inclusion can benefit Nigeria’s populace.

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Sparkle, a newly launched fintech app, has emerged to promote financial inclusion in the country. Founded by former CEO of Diamond Bank, Uzoma Dozie, the app officially launched on June 3 and declared that it had received an official banking license from the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

Meet Sparkle 

Sparkle is available on the Google Play store at a size of 18 MB. However, it should not be confused with a social media app of the same name and logo.

After downloading the app, you can create a new account to signify that you’re new to Sparkle and enter your email. An email is immediately sent to you requesting that you confirm your email address. Once you carry out this process, your account is automatically created.

Next, you must enter your full name and phone number in the ‘about you’ page and take a profile picture. An OTP, as well as your preferred Sparkle pin, is then sent to your phone. These ensure your Sparkle account is up and running.

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What Sparkle Offers

Sparkle offers a range of services including flexible payments, management of stashes, and (another word), savings, and analytics.

The app allows users to gain insights into their daily, weekly, and monthly expenditures. One of Sparkle’s key features, Sparkle Stash, allows users to manage their finances effectively and save for the future.

Other key features on the app include physical and virtual cards, split payments, utilities and bill payments, and SparklePay, which lets users send money to people without knowing their account numbers. Sparkle’s smart chatbot, Indy, is available 24/7 to answer questions, in case of any issues.

Sparkle is currently available for only android users. Click the link below to download the app.

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