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About Versus

Versus combines online and offline methods through our “Listen” and “Ask” approach to giving local and global brands actionable and competitive insights on the African consumer market.

How It Works

Versus ‘Ask’ feature allows businesses to gather relevant and quality market insights from target demographics to understand their consumers better by conducting digital surveys directly, asking questions while reaching thousands of respondents across Africa.

Once successfully vetted by our assigned team, you become part of an ongoing survey incentive programme via the Versus Scout app to:

  • Receive questions when you fit the target audience selected by a brand.
  • Receive credits for surveys completed accurately.
  • Cash-out once your credit hits cash out amount.
  • Repeat.

Why You Are Important

It’s Simple. Brands need to hear from you!

“It’s not a faith in technology. It’s faith in people” 

Steve Jobs

You are the source of very important information that top brands need to serve you and their general consumers better.

Your qualifications are simple:

  • Be you. Uniquely you!
  • Be honest. Do not lie or cheat.

Rewards and Reprimands

You will be part of a privileged network of scouts seen as a trusted source of information by top brands locally and globally. As a collaborator, you will be rewarded for every survey you honestly complete. As you continue to help businesses, by being honest and uniquely you, you remain part of this ongoing programme to earn while improving the quality of goods and services for you and others.

Please note any acts such as identity theft, deceit or dishonesty are unacceptable and such persons will be terminated from the program.

What Next?

Let’s shape the future of African insights for better quality products and services together.

Onboarding is currently only available for Nigeria and Kenya. Other African countries will be announced as they become available for onboarding new scouts.

Download the Versus Scout App Here:


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