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Brands We Love: Bobo Foods

The beverage portion of Nigeria’s food production sector is large and dynamic. Numerous players are moving in and out of it annually. They vary in size, product offerings, and target market; but there’s an ever-growing market for what they’re making, so there’s always room for new entrants in the market.

While drinks targeted at adults constitute a large chunk of what’s supplied, school-age children haven’t gotten as much attention from the big local brands. That is, until recently.

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Over the past decade, firms like Bobo Foods have taken on this challenge and have made making beverages for children a truly competitive enterprise. Thanks to companies in its category, parents now have a wider range of drinks to choose from when putting their children’s lunch packs together.

Bobo has struck such a chord with its line of business that many people now refer to other products in its niche by its name. The term ‘Bobo’ is used for milk-based drinks from other companies as well.

There’s a reason for this. Through smart marketing and distribution, it has captured large swathes of the market for children’s drinks. Its success hasn’t been limited to a single part of the country. Its labeled bottles are recognizable from a long way off, whether they’re in Lagos or Kano.

Another reason for Bobo’s success is the variety of offerings it makes available. People like the power that comes with choice. The managers at Bobo know this. So they’ve multiplied the options that people have and ensured that those options align with a range of tastes.

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Some of the recognizable products from this brand are the Bobo Apple Milk Drink, the Bobo Yoghurt Drink, and the Bobo Pineapple Milk Drink. Others are the Bobo Orange, Vanilla, and Cute Yoghurt drinks.

Its Yugo Drink has performed fairly strongly at the markets. The company likes to emphasize the benefits of this drink– its probiotic content, and the unique taste that’s endeared it to numerous consumers. It’s stocked in many neighborhood stores and supermarkets and is consumed by children and adults alike.

From its production facility in the Ifako-Agege district of Lagos, its distributors send it across a wide geographical area, ensuring that a fair section of the country’s children and adult population can enjoy its products.

The Nigerian beverage market will grow more competitive in the coming years. But Bobo has a grip on its portion of the picture that’s strong enough to last a while yet.


Featured image source: @BoboMilkDrink -Twitter

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