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DID YOU KNOW? LifeBank Has Launched COVID-19 Drive Through Testing


Drive-through testing has been something Nigerians have had to look on at and concluding it would not happen in Nigeria. Even as the coronavirus is still taking its toll, it appears that the testing process will soon enjoy the addition of a new drive-through testing centre thanks to health tech start-up, LifeBank. They are carrying through the project in partnership with government agencies NIMR (Nigerian Institute Medical Research) and NCDC (Nigerian Centre for Disease Control).

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The proposed venue would be the tech hub that Yaba is becoming. To ensure you are qualified for a session visit

The concept of the drive-through testing process has been around for a while and most who are familiar with the idea recognize it from restaurants, mostly but drive-through testing has seen the testing capacity for the coronavirus get easier for countries that have adopted it and it has helped in the overall process of containing the spread of COVID-19. Countries such as the UAE, Singapore, and even most countries in Europe have adopted the method and to favourable effect.

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LifeBank is a Nigerian start-up based around healthcare service delivery. The venture began as a brainchild of founder, Temie Giwa-Tunbosun in 2012 as the One-Percent Project which aims to supply blood to patients and doctors that need it. It became LifeBank in 2015 and has been a stand-out in the Nigerian tech community thanks to its focus on health. They have expanded their portfolio beyond just blood and even stretched into delivering oxygen as well as other essential medical supplies to Nigeria’s indigent population. Interestingly the company has before COVID-19, been on a mission to raise 100 million Naira to enable the delivery of blood and oxygen to those who cannot afford but need it.  They have called it the BOAT (Blood and Oxygen Access Trust). Furthermore, the start-up has gotten co-sign from Facebook founder and CEO, Mark Young Zuckerberg.

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