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Enrol Your Kids Into The Kidspathway Free Online Mathematics Classes


Without a doubt, mathematics is one of the most hated subjects by students. Hardly will you come by students that express their love for math. The dislike for mathematics starts from a very tender age, the academic foundation of your children matters greatly as it goes on to shape their lives forever in most cases. In a bid to help kids overcome this challenge,  a Nigerian education platform, Kidspathway, started a one-hour free online mathematics class for kids between the ages of 5-10 (Grade 1-6) every Saturday.

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Founder of the group which is focused on making stars out of kids, Emenike Cynthia, noted that the struggle kids face with mathematics which she believes is an easy subject if taught the right way, spurred her into creating such platform.

“Kids struggle a lot with mathematics, but it’s actually an easy subject if it’s taught the right way. We consider mathematics to be the language of the universe and if kids can get rid of the phobia for maths, it will go a long way in helping them not just academically but in every area of their life. That’s why we teach mathematics in a fun way with the use of hacks and little tricks.”

Emenike Cynthia

Why You Should Enroll Your Kids:

  • Improves your child’s knowledge of mathematics.
  • Your child learns mathematics in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Lessons are based on a blended curriculum (Nigerian and British curriculum).
  • The classes are free; you do not have to pay a single dime for your kids to take part in these classes.
  • Kidspathway has a global reach. Classes will expose your kids to the global educational system as they interact with kids from other parts of the world.
  • In a digitalized world, having your kids on this platform will help them become technology-friendly at a very young age.
  • This helps your kids stay engaged academically in this lockdown period. Classes are not ending anytime soon.

Owing to the successes recorded so far, the Kidspathway team are set to start free online mathematics classes for students in secondary school (High school) from August 2020.

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Kidspathway fully understands the need for students at all educational levels to have great knowledge of mathematics which is universal. As human beings, we have to be calculative in other to meet our daily demands in just 24-hours. Further, Kidspathway understands that kids learn differently. Unlike what they get in the classrooms (which in most cases is not enough), they are taught with standards that boost their confidence towards learning.

If you are a parent interested in having your kids on this platform, or you are a teacher who highly understands the use of tech in education, and is willing to become part of the free online classes team, you can reach the Kidspathway team through these platforms:

Mobile Numbers: +2348086287482; +2347052851638


WhatsApp: +2347052851638

Instagram: @kidspathway

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