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Monday Motivation

Monday Motivation: Association


They say a man is basically the kind of friends he keeps and I tend to agree with this line of thought. Association can make or mar us in more ways than we care to know. The truth is, the kind of connections we form on different levels are proportional to how far we go in life. They could be the difference that sets you apart when the chips are down.

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Friendships tend to make the world go round in more ways than we think. Consider how friendships were in a lot of ways the bedrock of the rise of Rome in the ancient world. Julius Caesar and Pompei were first friends and then rivals before anything else that followed. The Biblical example of David and Jonathan’s friendship was one major factor in David’s rise to prominence and eventually, the crown itself. The effective duo that was Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs changed the world when their smarts saw them start Apple. Even closer home, Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede and Herbert Wigwe formed that a partnership that has built one Africa’s biggest financial institutions in Access Bank.

You see, friendships and acquaintances bring your influence to bear on persons in your circle as well theirs on yours. So typically, you should make friends with those who tend towards where you yourself are tending towards. In that sense, you will be remiss not to re-assess and re-evaluate whatever relationship as to how aligned you and your circle are.

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Do not be afraid to draw closer to those who align and pull away from those who do not. As selfish as it may sound, a great man once said: “the journey to success would require a tinge of selfishness”. In other words, be intentional with most things especially those who you associate with.

Do not take for granted the influence of those you surround yourself with because many things depend on it. Like I said before, the quality of the company you keep could be the tiny detail that could swing future events in your favour or even see that you go empty. A man with a few prominent friends has everything while the one with plenty loafers has nothing in earnest.

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