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Monday Motivation: Staying The Course


We all have been through that phase when we stumble upon an idea and the more we ruminate on it, the more interesting it becomes such that we get excited and just start the grind. The trouble with excitement is that it quietly deserts you when the going gets tough. One minute you are excited and running your mouth to anyone who cares to listen about your idea and then the next, you just do not give a hoot or two about it. That brings us to the subject of today’s piece. It is one thing to have a bomb idea, another thing to act on it, and entirely another thing to stay the course.

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Stats have said that a vast majority of businesses will die off within three years of kicking off. Now, while the factors that contribute to having this be the case are wide-ranging and honestly out of one’s control most times, the bottlenecks are usually there for us to see before we embark but you see, that excitement in itself is high that it blinds us to the challenges hence preventing thorough scrutiny and due diligence. In the broad scheme of things, starting is only a small portion of any endeavour. The bulk of the work is in staying the course. Staying the course in any endeavour would require iteration as well as willingness to evolve in equal measure. Instructively, one would be remiss to forego his or her vision at any point in that endeavour. This is because sometimes, remembering why and how you started anything helps one to maintain focus in the most turbulent times, ensuring that while you change methods of operation, you do not stray from your vision and while you iterate, your vision does not become hazy to even you.

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This formula would help you push through in any and every endeavour in life and if you cannot stay the course in the smaller things, who is to say you will in the bigger ones. If you intend to lose weight, for instance, you should know that petering out on your gym membership or morning jogging will leave you probably worse off by the time the year ends. If you intend to learn a new language, forgetting to do it one day may turn to three months and then one year later your French is worse than you remember. Little habits like these have a way of telling us how consistent we would be in bigger tasks and if you don’t score highly you might want to level up. Start establishing patterns and staying consistent in repeating them. Iteration begets perfection. Soon enough you will look back and see how much muscle you have built up in character.

So this Monday, aim to stay the course and see things through. Breaking big tasks down to bits would help you defeat the mental block that big task can present. So, if you have to write a book, try to finish a page each day. You will find that with each daily task you finish, you will get excited and aim to finish more and may end up completing more than you aim. It is an efficient way to manipulate your excitement.

Stay blessed!!!

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