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Social Media Accounts To Follow: 5 Nigerian Agric Investment Platforms You Should Know


There are so many reasons to invest in agriculture.

First, it is more sustainable than stocks. This is evident given the recent fall in stocks following the COVID-19 outbreak. Agriculture is not affected by such factors because it involves a physical plot of land, which only appreciates over time.

It is also a great way to support farmers and commercialise their ventures. In 2020, farmers produce about 80% of the food consumed in Nigeria, yet they are in dire need of investors.

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Investing in a farm means you’re contributing to the success of a community and securing a piece of land that will appreciate for years to come. This is a win-win situation for both investor and farmer!

There are a good number of agric investment platforms in which you can channel your investments. Below are 5 of them. These investment platforms involve little risks and offer a good Return on Investments (ROI).


FarmCrowdy is Nigeria’s first Agric Investment platform. Launched in 2016, FarmCrowdy encourages best farming practices by providing farmers with resources such as improved seeds, farm input, and modern farming techniques.

It also enables small farms quickly scale into commercial sizes by providing a market for their farm produce.

The agric investment options on Farmcrowdy fall under a range of farming ventures such as poultry, maize, rice, and others. Investments can yield an ROI that ranges from 5% to 25%, which largely depends on the farming venture selected.

Farmcrowdy offers both app and website platforms where users can stay informed on the latest investment opportunities and receive expert advice on investments.

Thrive Agric

Thrive Agric fondly calls itself “family” because it prioritises the interest of farmers and has succeeded in empowering farms around the country.

Thrive Agric provides a support system for agricultural ventures by enabling people to invest in farms at specific seasons.

Investments can yield an ROI that ranges from 6% to 25%. This depends on the duration and amount invested. Investors can invest in a variety of farm produce such as poultry, maize, groundnut, cassava, and more.

Thrive provides an app for users to make investments and manage ongoing ones.

Follow Thrive Agric on social media.

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EZ Farming 

Launched in 2018, EZ Farming connects smallholder farmers with microlenders to enable them to scale to commercial sizes, thereby enhancing the overall agricultural value chain.

Investors can earn between 11% to 45% on their investments.

EZ Farming currently does not have an app but it has an active website.

Follow EZ Farming on Social Media.


Growsel is an agricultural crowdfunding platform that connects the underserved base of lower-tier farmers with lenders across the globe to improve opportunities in the agriculture sector and alleviate poverty.

Through its Social Impact Model, Gowsel provides crowdfunding for smallholder farmers at zero interest rates through the support of lenders in developed countries.

Investments yield an ROI of between 5% to 20% interest rate. Growsel funds farms that produce Ginger, maize, potato, tomato, cassava, and rice among others.

Although Growsel doesn’t currently have an app, it has an active website. Follow Growsel on social media.


FarmKart supports Agricultural ventures in Nigerian through crowdfunding.

With a focus on food security, job creation, and youth inclusion in Agriculture, FarmKart allows people to invest in its livestock farm located in Ogun state.

FarmKart’s Investments can yield returns of up to 30%. These investments can run for a duration of anywhere between 6 to 12 months. Other investments may be for lesser or longer periods.

Besides its website, FarmKart currently has no mobile application.


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