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Social Media Influencer Of The Week: Segun Awosanya (Segalink)


Twitter has fast become the epicentre of social and political discourse for many social media savvy Nigerians. There are now several influencers dominating the “bird app” and raising important conversations about pressing issues in society.

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For many Nigerian Twiter users passionate about social justice, the name Segalink rings a bell. Segalink, whose real name is Segun Awosanya, has become a huge force when it comes to fighting for the rights of the Nigerian youth. Through several campaigns, he has succeeded in drawing attention to several problems plaguing youths in Nigeria and promoting solidarity among many Nigerians.

A realtor, civil rights reform advocate, and a Media consultant, Segalink has spearheaded several nation-building advocacies aimed at succouring Nigerian facing oppression. He engages with many young Nigerians every day via Twitter, encouraging them to lend their voices to political, socio-economical, civil, and national issues.

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In 2018, Segalink became popular for convening the campaign against police brutality, #EndSars, which prompted the Nigerian government to overhaul the department of special anti-robbery squad popularly known as SARS. Not only did he lead this movement, but his contact was also added to the list of appropriate channels to report issues of police brutality in Nigeria.

In addition to #EndSars, Segalink has been invloved in several other campaigns include #NIS2000, EPassportScam, #ResponsibleParenting, #CriminalizeEstimatedBilling, #RiseAsOne, and #RiseAsOne.

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