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Tip of the Day: The Ideal Travel Buddy

We’ve talked about how to plan a group tour and how to find a travel partner. It is time we focus on ourselves as travellers. How do we become an ideal travel buddy?

When we go on group tours, we meet with strangers whose company we enjoy. Chances are we would want to share a similar experience again with them. Some people are also surfing the internet looking for someone who would make an ideal travel companion. Or it could even be you are tired of fantasising when your wanderlust friends are sharing their stories and you want in on that adventure. How do you prove that you would be the perfect choice for their next travel adventure?

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Below are a few things you can do to become the ideal travel buddy your friends or other travellers are looking for:

Be Friendly And a Good Conversationalist

The Bible says he who wants friends, should show himself friendly (paraphrased). If you go on a group tour to let’s say, Idanre Hills, you will meet new people with similar interests and love for travelling as you. Take a risk and talk to them, share tales of your travel adventures (if you have some). Try to establish a friendship to get to know them better. Don’t just offer to plan a next trip with them because you enjoyed their company during the group tour, keep in touch afterwards. If the meet up doesn’t work as planned, keep the communication going, so it won’t be hard to discuss a next travel trip with them if they are interested. Always smile and watch your body language when interacting with potential travel buddies.

Be Open Minded and Avoid Preconceived Notions

Friends could be tough to win over. To convince them that you’re an ideal travel buddy, be open-minded. Be open to learning and experiencing new things. When discussing with potential travel buddies, be non-judgmental with dicey issues such as racial inequality, sexual preference, religious affiliations, and nationality bias. Being dogmatic about your world view can hinder your chances of being seen as less problematic on a trip. Learn to listen and ask questions, strive to understand and not just to be understood. The fact is, travelling will test your tolerance level; travellers want companions who are flexible and can handle challenges.

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Take the Initiative

You need to learn about the world and read up on tour destinations because being ignorant isn’t cute. Be up-to-date with travel news and details. Then show all the ways you would be an awesome companion on a trip. E.g. you could help the person plan a travel itinerary. Don’t wait for them to ask you to join them for their next trip. Be bold enough to present yourself as a potential travel buddy. If they say no, don’t be offended, at least you tried. You can always repeat the process with someone else who needs a partner.

Have you ever travelled with an acquaintance or a friend? How did you know they were the right partner to travel with?


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