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Tips For Getting Into A Tech Career   


Nowadays, the tech space is looking increasingly attractive to many young people not just because it’s a buzzword for cool but also because its different classifications offer some of the highest paying prospects there are. If you happen to fall in that category then get in here and if you do not, you may yet make that decision in the near future so get in anyway.

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  • Assuming you have already gone through the trouble of learning a skill then, endeavour to earn some sort of job experience preferably through freelancing. Fiverr provides ample opportunity to do this. This because what most tech companies would be looking out for is on-the-job experience and an exact set of skills and if no one is going to give a chance to learn on the job, you might as well take it upon yourself to freelance even if for cheap rates. If you are down for UI/UX Design, for instance, go and pick apps to re-design and even make original designs.
  • Put your work out there. Make sure to showcase your best work. Put it on your LinkedIn as that is the go-to app for these sort of things. Other options would be your Instagram, DribBble, Behance(designers/artists), GitHub (programmers). If you do something that is not quite as creative but relevant to tech, then use your Twitter to position yourself as an authority of sorts. Tweet helpful insights in the field and people with those sort of interests will gravitate toward you and gradually you build a community that would make your application hard to ignore. Follow people who do likewise and who do something similar.  If build a significant following, relevant recruiters would take notice and would be grateful for it as your following will do all the talking.

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  • Apply. Naturally, you have got to ask to get a job so find a way to target and get in the face of recruiters.  Try not to be overbearing and know your bounds. if your application gets turned down the first time, do not burn that bridge. Stay in touch and be intentional about showing those soft skills that you know will get your foot in the door.
  • Lest I forget, do your research. Understand what you want out of your intended career and know which work environment look to provide the nearest semblance of this for you at all. It will help you follow the other tips well enough.

In conclusion, understand that good things take time and effort and once you get a head start in the tech world, chances are that you would not look back as you would likely not need to go through the trouble as you advance provided you focus on doing a good job at all times.

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