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Tips Of The Day: Apps To Use

Smartphones are all about apps, without apps our smartphones wouldn’t be so useful or fun as only a handful of apps come pre-installed on these devices. Today, I’ll be highlighting a few apps which daily use will make your phone a more productive device.

Note-Taking And Reminders: Google keep

7 Reasons to Actually Start Using Google Keep | PCMag


Google Keep is a syncing notepad that connects to your Google Drive. It supports photo notes, voice notes, and checklists. It is ideal for quick note-taking on the go, anyone who appreciates simple, fast note-taking tools or to-do apps, or for saving notes on the desktop that you know you’ll need on your Android phone, like shopping lists, addresses, phone numbers, checklists, and to-do lists, or conference call codes. Keep even supports Google Apps accounts, so you can use it with your own domain or a business account. With Keep, you’re bound to not forget the simple and important things.

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Word Processing: Google docs

Is It Safe to Use Google Docs?

CEO Today

Google’s free cloud-based office suite has come into its own over the past several months, with the recent addition of offline access across all platforms along with the ability to edit standard Word documents in their native format. Editing from the mobile apps is also now fairly full-featured, thanks to Google’s integration of Quickoffice, a former third-party app the company acquired. Functions like find and replace, undo, and table creation are all available, as are a range of fonts, paragraph, and table formatting tools. Docs may not be the most robust standalone word processor on any given platform — you won’t find a way to measure word count on the mobile apps, for instance — but if you’re juggling devices, it’s a solid option for getting the basics done.

Collaboration: Trello

Trello for Educators


Whether you’re working alone or as part of a team, Trello offers an easy yet powerful way to organize tasks, lists, and projects. No matter which platform you access it from, your data remains synced and looks the same to every user who sees it. Trello uses an intuitive whiteboard and notecard interface for task management, offering checklists, commenting, labels, attachments, notifications, and activity logs, as well as the ability to assign tasks to team members.

Saving Articles For Later: Pocket

Pocket: Save. Read. Grow. - Apps on Google Play

Google Play

If you find yourself stumbling onto more interesting contents than you have time to read, Pocket is exactly what you need. Pocket integrates into all the major platforms and allows you to save an article for later with a couple of quick taps. Once it’s been saved, you can get to it from any device and view it online or offline within the app’s own excellent reading utility. Pocket also allows you to save videos and images for later viewing, share what you’ve saved with other Pocket users, and file away your Pocket favourites to Evernote.

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Money Management: Expensify

Expensify - Expense Reports - Apps op Google Play

Google Play

If logging and managing expenses are all you need, a simple app like Expensify can get the job done without costing you a dime. From your Android or iOS device, Expensify makes it easy to snap photos of a receipt, which is then quickly analyzed in order to extract the relevant details and put them (along with an actual image of the receipt) into your records. It has other handy features, too, like the ability to track and log mileage using your phone’s GPS, and the data is always available on any device you sign into as well as via its Web-based application.

Password Management: Lastpass

1 Password Manager & Vault App, Enterprise SSO & MFA | LastPass


We all have a billion passwords to keep track of these days — and if you’re using the same password for every website you sign into, well, you’re doing it wrong. LastPass, which topped InfoWorld’s recent review of the best password managers for PCs, Macs, and mobile devices, helps you create unique and strong passwords as you surf the Web, then keep track of them securely. With AES 256-bit encryption, local-only decryption, and multifactor authentication, LastPass keeps your data under lock and key, giving you one fewer worry in your digital life. The full version of the service, which you’ll need for mobile-based access, costs $12 a year.



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