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Websites We Love: Disha


In this day and age, every business owner knows the importance of a website no matter their field.

Having a business website is a huge factor when it comes to clients deciding to work with you or not. This is because it adds an aura of professionalism to your business and communicates to clients that your business is always available, come rain or shine.

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In recent times, several solutions have sprung up to let businesses and brands create their websites at cheap rates and without any knowledge of coding or design. But the challenge has always been finding a solution that provides quality designs enabling users to create highly-customisable websites

In 2019, Cregital, a leading digital agency in Nigeria stepped in to solve this problem. It launched Disha, a digital solution that offers users the opportunity to create instant websites, with their smartphones and with no knowledge of coding.

With Disha, users can create one-page websites that have a flexible and simple interface. One-page websites are a great solution for small businesses and creatives who may not need to provide detailed info about their products and services.

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Disha also lets you gain insights into web analytics, providing you with metrics such as the total number of clicks, page views, and top links on your page.

To get started on Disha, you can register for its freemium plan in which your Disha page appears with the suffix i.e Or you can go for the paid plan in which you can customise your domain name for a monthly fee of $5.

Since its launch, Disha has become increasingly popular among Nigerian influencers and creatives. The service has also recorded over 1000 signups, with 982 sites, and over 9,000 Disha page views.


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