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You Need a Visa Approval Letter as a Business Traveller Visiting Nigeria

With countries scrambling to open up international borders, there isn’t a better time to plan a visit to the countries on your bucket list than now. One thing COVID-19 is teaching us is– life is short, so live your best life now.

In case Nigeria is on your business travel radar, one document you need to use in applying for the newly unveiled visa on arrival is a visa approval document.

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A visa approval letter is a document (approved by the Nigeria Immigration Service Headquarters) that allows a traveller to proceed to Nigeria to pick up entry visa at the point of entry. It is one document you must present during your visa on arrival processing, along with your letters of application and invitation.

Visa approval letter normally takes 48 hours (2 working days) to process. Afterwards, it is emailed to you and the representative who applied on your behalf in Nigeria. It is advisable to not travel to Nigeria in hopes of visa on arrival without first applying for a visa on arrival approval letter.

How to Apply for a Visa Approval Letter

To get a visa approval letter, you will need to apply to the NIS portal online. Here’s how to apply:

When you visit the NIS portal, click on the Visa On Arrival tab.

Complete application form by uploading the following original documents:

a)Passport Photo

b)Introduction/Application Letter

c)Copy of Passport Data Page

d)Copy of Airline Return Ticket

e)Invitation Letter from Host Company

f)Corporate Affairs Commission Certificate from host company, or in case of an NGO, a letter of permission.

Finally, make payments on the portal before clicking send to submit your application.

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Note: You must address your letter of introduction to The Comptroller General of Immigration, NIS HQ, Abuja and include the details below:

  • Name and nationality of applicant
  • Passport number
  • Purpose of visit
  • Proposed date of visit
  • Proposed port of entry
  • Flight itinerary
  • Address in Nigeria or hotel reservation

Once application is submitted successfully, a printable receipt would be issued. This is not the Letter of Approval, just proof of successful application.

The visa approval letter will arrive in your email after they (NIS) process the application. Print this out along with proof of online payment and be ready to present them along with any other required document at any port of entry in Nigeria.

Not sure if you received the real deal? You can verify the authenticity of the letter of approval you receive via the immigration portal using your application number and reference number.

Plans to reopen our country’s airspace for flights makes now the time to apply for your visa to come visit Nigeria.


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