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10 Passive Income Ideas for Nigerians Today

How about making yourself some extra cash, without breaking a sweat in the process?

What if you’re able to do this daily, weekly, monthly, and even in your sleep?

That’s the point of having passive income. You put in just a little bit of effort at one time and watch your income roll in consistently from then onwards.

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Passive income is what you want if you already have your days choked with activity, and you’re wondering where you’ll find the time to earn more. You won’t have to do that. Just set up the revenue stream, and let the money come.

Here are ten ways to make passive income in Nigeria:

Affiliate Marketing

You can earn income by promoting other business’s products. It works like this: you choose a product, publicize it via your channels (blog, social media, etc), and get paid a commission on every sale that’s made through your channel.

A number of local and foreign businesses offer affiliate programs. Ecommerce companies like Amazon, Alibaba, Jumia, and Konga are examples. Visit their affiliate pages to find out how those programs work.

Real Estate Investment Cooperative

You don’t have to be rich to become a real estate investor. That’s because there are routes to this destination that you can probably afford.

You could get together with some of your friends or colleagues, raise funds, and invest that money in rental property. When tenants pay their dues, each investor receives a share of what’s paid.

Digital real estate crowdfunding platforms also exist but you’ll have to ascertain that they are legitimate before investing in them.


A more formal real estate investment vehicle is the Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). Here, you purchase a stake in rental properties through a REIT company and receive returns on that investment periodically.

The top REITs in Nigeria are Union Homes Real Estate Investment Trust, UPDC Real Estate Investment Trust, and Sky Shelter Fund.

EBook Publishing

If there’s something you’re an expert in, you could make money off it by publishing an ebook in that area. For instance, if you are a business development consultant, you could make extra money by creating an ebook that answers people’s questions about setting up and running a business.

The Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) allows you to publish your book for free on Amazon’s vast ebook store. That exposes it to millions of potential readers, and lets you earn by selling to them.

Dividend Stocks

Purchase and hold stocks in a company with good revenues and a promising outlook. At fixed points of the business year, you could receive dividends (payments to shareholders) on those stocks. You may also buy stocks, hold them for a while, and sell them later on for a higher price.

Find our comprehensive listings of businesses in Nigeria here

Be sure to investigate the company thoroughly before buying shares in them. Also, seek the advice of stockbrokers, and read up analyst’s verdict on them where these are available.

Crowdfunded Agritech

Platforms like FarmCrowdy and ThriveAgric allow you to invest in a real farm from wherever you are and get your money back along with interest at the end of a stipulated period. Check out their websites and apps to get a feel of how they work.

Adverts on Your Website

If you own a website or blog that has decent visitor traffic, you can sign up with Google Adsense to have adverts shown on it. You may receive payments per the number of times the advert is seen by visitors or the number of times they click on it.

Investment Apps

A growing number of digital platforms offer investment opportunities to Nigerians. Two examples are PiggyVest and CowryWise. They both enable you to earn decent interest on your savings and invest in a range of legitimate financial assets.

And if you prefer to invest in assets denominated in foreign currency (dollars), there’s Rise, Trove, Bamboo, and Chaka. These give you access to foreign real estate, stocks, and commodity trading markets.

Certificate of Deposit

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a form of investment available from banks. Here, a bank promises you a fixed interest on the money you deposit with them if you agree to not withdraw it throughout a given period.

If you are interested in investing in a Certificate of Deposit, you can ask your bank for information about their CD offering.

Silent Business Partner

Let’s say someone you know is starting a business. It’s very likely to turn in a significant profit. You would like to be part of it, but there’s already a lot on your plate. What do you do?

You can become a silent partner in that business. This means you’ll invest some money in the business, but won’t be involved in its day-to-day running.  When the profits come in, you’ll get a cut.

Final Words

You now know what to do to earn passive income in Nigeria. The ball is in your court. Make it work, and earn today.


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