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8 Types of Travel Bags that Make Packing Easier

Depending on the purpose or nature of the trip, there are different travel bags designed to make packing easier. Below are eight types and when to use them:

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Suitcases/Trolley Boxes

Luxury Brand Aluminum frame travel luggage carry on box pull rod ...


These come in different sizes and are ideal for those long walks between terminal gates and arrival/departure halls within the airport. They reduce the amount of weight on you, making it easy to move faster. The smaller ones are also great to use as a carry-on luggage when checking into the aeroplane. Some have a hard shell casing while others have a softer cloth covering. Whichever one you choose, confirm that it is airport security approved, if you are taking a flight with it.

Travel Duffel Bag

Canway 65L Travel Duffel Bag, Foldable Weekender Bag with Shoes ...


These are best suited for road transportation. They can easily be loaded safely into a car boot or underneath the car seats of buses. Some of these bags have ballers like a trolley to make moving it around easy. It’s best to get the ones with very good zip, comfortable handles and durable material. It is a very versatile bag to use in place of a trolley or backpack.


Best Backpacks for Men 2020 - Most Stylish Men's Backpack Styles


If you want to travel extra light, a backpack is your go-to item. It has compartments for everything. It is also ideal for camping and hiking activities. You can even get anti-theft backpacks for your laptops and belongings for brief trips. They can also be great as a carry-on luggage too. You can choose either a slingback or crossbody purse.

Travel Shoe Bag

Monogrammed Leather Travel Shoe Bag | Mark and Graham

Mark and Graham

How do you pack your shoes when travelling? Did you know that there are waterproof bags made for packing a pair of shoe for each trip? It is a great way to separate your dirty shoes from your clean clothes. Pretty neat accessory to have, right?

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Cosmetic Case/Purse

Soft Makeup Case - Pro Black Travel Cosmetic Case Bag Purse ...


Ladies, you know this drill. The best way to travel with cosmetics is to pack them in a separate bag. That way, lipstick or brown powder doesn’t get smeared on your clothes. Also, you won’t spend precious time digging in your box for your eyeliner, which you don’t remember if you packed.

Tech Pouch

Tech Pouch | Tech pouch, Peak design, Travel essentials


You can get a pouch for your small technology gadgets like adapters, power banks, USB chord, earpiece, etc. These pouches usually come with mesh and Velcro compartments that keep gadgets organised and safe during travels.

Travel purse or handbag

4 Best Travel Purses Ever! Field Tested For Style & Function

Whimsy Soul

Another item ladies usually carry besides their travelling bag or box is a travel handbag or purse. This is where you keep your travel organiser, small tech pouch, hand sanitiser, wipes, tissue, your snacks and refreshments. It is small enough to put on your lap or under your seat and large enough to accommodate all your handy travel essentials.

Travel Organizer

Electronics Accessories Case / Travel Organizer /Travel Packing ...


It may not be a popular item, but a travel organiser is the best way to keep important documents such as passport, contact/address book, booking receipts, doctor’s prescription, and extra cash. Some persons opt for a money belt to compensate for the need to carry cash around, but the compartment might not be big enough for your passport booklet. So a travel organiser is still an important item to own.


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