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Brands We Love: Signal Alliance

Signal Alliance is one of the older IT service companies in Nigeria. It’s a business-facing brand, which offers end-to-end technology solutions to some of the country’s biggest organizations.

Its products range from cloud-based office tools to data security and encompass managed IT, application development, data centre services, and Internet protocol-based communication.

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Established in 1996, the company started as a dealer in network switches. Over time, it has spread out beyond systems integration into other segments of IT and built a strong reputation within the industry.

Its founder Collins Onuegbu, is a trained engineer and has led the company throughout its existence. He has won multiple awards and is recognized as a leading voice in Nigeria’s IT space. He’s now Executive Vice Chairman at the firm.

Signal Alliance provides networking, storage, and computing solutions, and helps its clients manage the equipment that supports these services. It also supplies IP-based voice calls, video conferencing, and unified messaging solutions for businesses.

A broad selection of productivity tools is available from Signal Alliance as well. Cloud-based email, document sharing, cloud communication, and digital meeting places for corporate events are just some of them.

Businesses in the financial services and public sectors can leverage Signal Alliance’s Business Process Automation (BPA) tool to automate their workflows. And if their needs aren’t fully met by the traditional tools, it can design something that plugs their specific needs gap.

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Besides these, the company also sells sales automation, customer service, and marketing management tools, and helps its client enterprises integrate their telephones into a centralized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.

Security for business IT infrastructure and mobile devices is available on demand. Related services on offer from this brand include database security, data loss prevention, and security for cloud environments.

Through its subsidiaries, Signal Alliance has broadened its scope of operations in the past few years. These daughter companies are Medismart (in health tech),  Nemoante (renewable energy), Codeware (enterprise IT), and CompexAfrica (fintech).

There’s also an investment arm, Sasware, which functions as an incubator for tech startups.

Signal Alliance has won several awards for its work: Microsoft Partner of the Year, 2011, 2012, 2015, and 2016; Cisco Circle Corner Award, 2016; and Cisco Cloud Productivity Partner of the year, 2016.


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