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Did You Know? The Health Benefits of Cucumbers

Cucumber belongs to the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. This fruit, which is commonly thought to be a vegetable, is high in beneficial nutrients.

There are three varieties of cucumber; they are the slicing, pickling, and the burpless cucumbers. Cucumbers that are grown to be eaten fresh are called slicing cucumbers. Those that are preserved are called pickling cucumbers while burpless cucumbers are sweeter than the other varieties and have thinner skin too.

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I love cucumbers. In case you’re wondering, it’s not delicious. In fact, it’s as tasteless as water and I love drinking water too. When I slice a cucumber for my enjoyment, I usually pair it with groundnuts. For me, this combo is an absolute delight. Anyone who loves eating a garden egg with groundnuts will love the cucumber-groundnut combo as well.

There are certain health benefits to be derived from eating cucumbers. Here they are:

Cucumbers hydrate the body

The importance of water in the body cannot be overemphasized. Majority of your body’s fluid needs can be met by drinking water. But you can get at least 40% of your total water intake from foods like cucumber. Cucumber contains 96% water. So, the next time you want a refreshing and hydrating fruit, try it.

It can aid weight loss

Cucumber can actually help those on a weight loss journey. It is a powerhouse of antioxidants. It is low in calories too. Research indicates that eating foods with low calories and high water content can aid weight loss. So, go eat some cucumber. Make salad, smoothies, sandwiches with it.

It prevents constipation

Having a regular bowel movement is something a lot of people take for granted until they get constipated. Well, dehydration is one of the major causes of constipation. If you eat cucumbers often, its high water content will keep you hydrated. This, in turn, will prevent constipation, improve stool consistency and help maintain regularity.

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It may lower blood sugar

Cucumber is one fruit that’s good for diabetics. Animal studies have shown that eating cucumber can reduce and control blood sugar. The sugar it contains is slowly absorbed in the bloodstream. This prevents sugar crash and sugar cravings. What’s more, studies further indicate that cucumber peel reverse both diabetes-associated changes and cause a decrease in blood sugar.

Thus, if you are in the habit of peeling cucumber before eating it, stop it. Meanwhile, I hope you can encourage your diabetic relatives and friends to eat more of this fruit.

It improves sleep

If you have difficulty sleeping, come, sit and read. Cucumber has very high magnesium content; this mineral is linked to improving the quality, duration and tranquillity of sleep. Cucumber can calm your nerves. It can also reduce anxiety and stress. So, if you have difficulty in sleeping, eat cucumbers. It just might help.

Cucumber is great for the skin

Where your skin is concerned, cucumber is a wonder-worker. If you place chilled slices of cucumber over your eyes, it can get rid of the dark circles and the bags under it. Moreover, the high water, vitamins and mineral content in cucumber can rejuvenate the skin. You should include its consumption and use in your beauty routine; it’ll make your skin glow.

In conclusion, cucumber is a refreshing, filling and nutritious fruit. Eat it often and you’ll enjoy the numerous health benefits.






Featured Image Source: Healthline

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