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Monday Motivation

Do Not Burn Bridges


Situations will come up in life when we have to end relationships and many times, people make the mistake of letting the process turn into a messy affair such that there is usually little chance of reconciliation. If relationships are a factor in success then this should never be the way to go at all.

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We cannot control the circumstances that see our relationships turn sour but we can actually control how we react to them. We must endeavour to leave any association or grouping not under a cloud but with our reputations intact. Some situations push us to the brink but it says a lot about your temperament and character how you handle and extricate yourself from such situations. For one thing, it stands you in good stead for future relationships as well as keeps your options open to patching things up in the old relationship. People tend to trust you more that way.

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Consider how you can apply this to your personal and professional relationships. For all the talk about change, the one argument in favour of this point is that people tend to stick to what they know and even when change is the mantra when the going gets tough, people return to basics. When you stay graceful even in conflict you make yourself a viable option for future associations. So try not to burn bridges in any circumstances regardless of the extent to which you deem to have been wronged.

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