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This edition we will be adding some useful Knowledge and tips to your tech know-how that could prove useful.

  • Through Windows Power User Menu, you will open up a quick list of common power user destinations on your PC. You can access it by clicking the bottom left of the Start icon or pressing Windows key + X.

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  • If your PC takes a little too long to boot then it is possibly because there are too many programs running in the background. Some programs are essential for third party programs like video games to run so be careful not to turn those off. To turn off on Windows 8 and 10, open Taskbar (Ctrl+ Shift+ Esc). Go to the startup tab and choose which programs you want to start your PC with.
  • By pressing Alt + Tab, you will be able to go through open windows. Tapping the Tab button will allow you to cycle through the windows in forward motion. To cycle backwards hold down Alt+ Shift while tapping the Tab button.

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  • Launch programs via hotkeys by right-clicking on the icon/shortcut on your desktop. Enter the properties and on that tab, enter the shortcut tab where you would find a “short cut key” field where you can input your preferred short cut combo. Set it to run as Administrator by clicking “advanced option” in the shortcut tab.
  • To end an application session, hold down Alt+F4. Yes, it’s not a social media banter theme. It actually works.
  • To minimize all your open application, press Windows + D. You may also use Windows + M but the former works better as you can always undo it likewise.

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1 Comment

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