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How Innovative Nigerian Companies Can Avert External Threats with A Visitor Management Solution


Signing a piece of paper usually kept at the front desk or gate post is the old-fashioned method of visitor management. It is unsophisticated, inaccurate, and exposes physical security and data.

An important step in having a secure workplace is to switch from a manual sign-in process to a digital one.

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eVisit is a safe and secure visitor management solution that:

  • Makes visitors’ registration process faster.
  • Reduces paperwork.
  • Tracks all visitors’ details in a cloud-based visitor logbook
  • Makes data collection easier.
  • Allows you to monitor various offices from a single location.
  • Gives you real-time analytics of visitors.
  • Keeps out unwanted and unverified guests from your premises.

For your organization and residence, implementing a visitor management solution is critical for securing your facilities, protecting your employees, and residents.

By asking every guest to sign-in and maintaining a digital track record of their attendance, you ensure only authorized guests are allowed on your premises. This creates a positive brand association and impression that lasts with your visitors, potential clients, and regular business guests.

eVisit enables you to achieve a seamless digital transformation in your business, ensuring safety and security in a more efficient and cost-effective way compared to a paper-based guest management system.

Now, organizations of all sizes and residential areas can have a better way of visitor management that safeguards their premises and confirms which visitor should be granted access to their buildings.

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How can a visitor management solution secure your business against external threats?

  • Capture and protect visitor’s data: Paper logbooks expose sensitive information of visitors making it a public document that any visitor can peep through, but a visitor management solution makes these data accessible by only the concerned authority.
  • Visual identification: A visitor management solution allows you to see the real images of your guests for easy identification and security management.
  • Tracks visitor’s activities: eVisit records every information of all visitors that come into your premises, incorrect phone numbers cannot be recorded because every phone number is verified through the code sent to your visitor. Details of all visitors are downloadable as text copy, PDF, Excel, and CSV which gives you instant access to a visitor’s information anytime in the future.
  • Proper identification: Visitor management solutions ensure that only verified visitors are allowed into your building. Thus, boosting security and safety in your premises.
  • Security: You can track all visitors entering your estate or workplace. This solution can accurately access which visitor is in your facility and who they are visiting. It also prevents the admission of unauthorized visitors and prevents guests from visiting restricted areas of your facility.

Your employees and customers are your most important asset. You truly can’t put a price on protecting them, but you can implement an efficient visitor management solution like eVisit.

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About eVisit

eVisit is a cloud-based visitor management solution created to help corporate organizations and residences manage, track and monitor visitors on their premises.

eVisit has its operations up and running as a secured visitor tracking and management solution for businesses and residential estates in Lagos Nigeria has improved the overall safety and security concerns in our client’s premises.

For a demonstration and further inquiry into the eVisit visitor management system, contact the customer service team on – 08135529410, 08083893520, and 08139390363.

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