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How to Make Cabbage Swallow

Swallow is the collective name for the starchy dishes that accompany Nigerian soups. These dishes are bland; this quality makes them a perfect match for the soups as they simply assume the flavour of whichever soup that they are paired with.

Nigerians love their swallow and soup. However, the only trouble with most Nigerian swallow is that they are made from high carb foods like yam, cassava, corn. As a result, they are usually heavy and this poses a problem for weight watchers who still want to enjoy the classic swallow and soup combo.

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Fortunately, we now have several low carb swallows that allow people on a weight loss journey to eat their cake and have it. One of such low carb swallow is cabbage swallow. I’ll tell you how to make it in a bit. But first, let me tell you about psyllium husk, one ingredient that will be used to make today’s swallow.

Psyllium husk serves as a binder for most low carb fufu dishes. Cabbage and other low carb vegetables do not have gluten. Without a binder, they can’t stick together long enough to be eaten as swallow. But when psyllium husk is added, it helps the vegetable to stick together.

Moreover, psyllium husk is fibre. If a little of it is added to cabbage swallow, it’ll make you very full quickly. There are different brands of psyllium husk but organic India whole psyllium husk blends smoothly into your low carb swallow.

Ingredients for Cabbage Swallow

Green cabbage

Psyllium husk

Cheese cloth

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Chop the cabbage into medium-sized pieces. Put it into a clean blender and blend till smooth.

Drape the cheesecloth over a bowl. Check to be sure that the receiving end of the cheesecloth has no hole. Pour in the blended mix into the cloth and squeeze to get rid of as much water as possible.

Pour the content of the cheesecloth into a clean pot. Set the pot on medium to high heat and stir its content with a spatula. After a few minutes, the blended cabbage will start to thicken.

Add the psyllium husk and keep stirring until it blends into the cabbage. You’ll have a dough-like texture at this time.

Turn off the heat and wrap your swallow in cling film. Leave for a few minutes. When it’s firm enough to suit you, dish your soul and enjoy.




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