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Tip for Travelling with Face Masks

One of the compulsory requirements for moving about during the pandemic is the use of a face mask. Most places won’t let you in without one. We’re talking airports, bus parks, railway terminals, and anywhere there is a tendency for the public to gather.

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Now, domestic flights and interstate borders are open for travels and tourism is picking up in Nigeria. How does one continue to adhere to wearing a face mask when travelling for a long journey? Is it safe to have it on for an extended period of time? These and more questions are what every traveller has to answer before embarking on a trip these days.

So what do you do when you have to travel with a face mask?

Choose Comfortable and Breathable Material Masks

It’s not news that a face mask protects other people from you. That is why choosing a comfortable and yet breathable material face mask is a priority. You need to go for one made from a soft, biodegradable fabric such as 100% cotton. The material needs to have at least two layers and must be something you can reuse by washing after each use. It also needs to have a wide coverage to protect both your nostrils and your mouth. The straps need to fit around your ears or face without being too tight or too loose.

Some people prefer to use a bandana, or a mask made from a T-shirt material. This is okay if it covers from the nose to your neck in a turtle neck fashion. With the right face mask covering, you can hold out for 8 hours and not feel discomfort.

Choose a Washable Face Mask

With the cost of surgical masks on the increase, getting a reusable face mask has become necessary. What happens when you rely on non-washable masks and end up in a situation where there is none to be found? It’s not only expensive but a hassle. Since you are travelling and you might move around when you get to your destination, it’s best to get a washable face mask. Something you can wash as soon as you arrive at your destination and before you move out again.

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Always Carry a Face Mask Around with You

Sure there are people selling face masks everywhere in Nigeria. But do you know under what hygienic conditions they were made? It’s not wise to buy a random mask on the street and put it on your face without washing it.

If you feel unwell or dislike the concept of face masks, it is best you don’t travel at all during this period. And if you must, you can do so in a private car or a rental where the driver has adequate protection from you.

Also, you might need to find out if your public transport company has well-ventilated vehicles. Or if they installed air filters to help with improved circulation of air from the ACs. It might help you decide how long you can wear or take off your mask during the journey.

Travelling with a face mask shouldn’t be an issue if you do it right.


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