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Top 10 Travel Accessories for Women

Ladies, you know travelling is as much a hassle as it is fun. We pack bags and bags full of items and just can’t do without some travel accessories, and that’s what makes packing so bulky. Just so the men know, below are 10 must-have travel accessories for every woman travelling.

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Whether you are going for a leather handbag or a tote bag, this is a must. It helps keep important items close by like your sunshades/glasses, a tech case, water bottle, snacks, books, wallet, travel organiser, and phone. This way, you won’t miss a beat when your luggage is kept away in the boot or baggage area.


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When packing for a trip, ladies don’t just take any pair of accessories. It has to be something to match every outfit. So we need a jewellery case or organiser to keep selected earrings and necklaces to prevent them from breaking or tangling.


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A canvas or slip-on sandals for the road should be enough. But for that LBD, ladies need a pair of high heels as a backup if something fancy comes up. You may also need bathroom slippers to wear around the house when you arrive at your destination. And these require a separate bag to pack them in.

Hair and body travel set

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It is best to have a separate bag to pack hair and body items. This way, the contents don’t leak into your box of clothes and ruin them. Thus, get a bag for your lotion, perfume, hair accessories and brushes, towel, shampoo and conditioner.

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Lingerie pack

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While guys can just put a boxer or two in a bag as underwear, ladies have their underwear pack. A lingerie pack keeps them safe and easy to assess.

Beauty Products

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Every woman travels with a beauty item. The basics include lipstick/gloss/balm, eyeliner, foundation, brown powder, mascara, face wipes and the like. These things are best packed in a separate bag or pouch with organised compartments.


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Toiletry needs include shower kit (sponge, bathing soaps for face only and the body, exfoliating gloves, shower cap, etc.). A toiletry pack can also include toothpaste, toothbrush, tissue paper, disposable tissue seat cover, razor blade, and nail clippers/file.

Hygiene Pack

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Expect to see shaving cream or stick, roll on, panty liners, sanitary towels/tampons, alcohol-based sanitizers, detergents, etc. in a woman’s hygiene pack. Sometimes, ladies merge both the toiletry or hygiene pack items into one pouch; other times, it’s separate.

Sleeping items

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Some ladies love to sleep with earplugs, eye masks, or neck pillow. For napping on the beach, a travel hat, a pagoda umbrella or a portable beach parasol would be good to have too.

Travel Scarf

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A scarf is not only ideal to spice up a look. It can be handy as a mini-blanket to keep your arms or feet warm during a trip (if it is a Pashmina). Some scarves even have hidden pockets like a money belt to allow you to keep cash and important documents.

Also, if you can have see-through bags for the subset of things you are packing, it will make airport security search less time-consuming. The airport security agent can open your box and see at a glance what is in the various travel bags.


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