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Travel Accessories: Electronics

In a digital age, we cannot do without electronic devices. Some electronics are now necessary companions for us on our journeys. We have compiled a list of these accessories that we can’t do without.

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Power Bank

Oraimo Pocket | OPB-B661D | 6,600mAh Fast Charging Power Bank: Buy ...


Every Nigerian knows to charge their phones before embarking on any trip. Or to have a power bank handy in case the internet network drains their battery before they arrive at their destination. Imagine being at Okomu National Park with a ranger whose car is stuck in a ditch with no way to call for help. And you can’t help because your battery is low with no power bank nearby to charge it. This is just one scenario to show how important it is to have a power bank when travelling or touring. It ensures your phones or other devices are powdered up if access to an electrical outlet is unavailable.


TP-Link 300Mbps ADSL2+ Modem Router TD-W8961N |


Mobile data is cool, but a modem/router is also an added advantage. It keeps you connected to the internet and reduces your dependence on mobile data. It allows you to stream, watch/listen to and view videos, podcasts, photos, etc when you are bored in an unfamiliar place with your phone.

Adaptors/Multi-port Cables

4 in 1 Ports USB 2.0 Extender Cable Splitter Connector Adapter ...


In the event you have a two-pin charger, travelling with an adaptor is very important. Some adaptors have voltage converters to allow you to switch over if the voltage at your destination is different from your current location. It should be lightweight, with multiple sized sockets and reasonable length of the chord. Universal adaptors come with USB ports to make charging your power band and phone from one socket possible. You can also get multi-port cables to charge your many devices at the same time from one source. They are lightweight and take up less space than an adaptor.

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Fujifilm X-T30 Review | A Pro Camera Priced Like a Phone | Digital ...

Digital Trends

Memories are awesome to capture when travelling and you can get a professional camera to do so. Those bulky DLSR professional cameras & Camera lenses usually take up space when packing. You can get a mirror-less camera or clip-on camera to turn your phone into a pro-camera device. With clip-on zoom cameras, you can get those amazing shots without needing a professional photographer to help you get great shots.

Flash drive/Hard Drive

Can a USB Flash Drive be Used Reliably as a Manual Backup Drive?

How To Geek

For your phones to work effectively, you need to free up storage space. Usually, on trips like a visit to a zoo or crocodile pit, we tend to take lots of pictures. To get more shots, you need to free up your phone memory, by using a flash or hard drive as back up. Sure, you can save stuff to the cloud, but in the absence of internet access, travelling with these devices will become useful.

Bluetooth Speaker

LG PL2 : XBOOM Go PL2 Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Meridian ...


Have you ever been on a bus where they are playing a Nollywood movie that no one wants to watch? Or have people ever complained in a bus that they would rather have silence or a different tune than what the driver is offering? Well, that’s where a Bluetooth speaker saves the day. It gives passengers a chance to choose what they want to hear on a long trip by taking turns and connecting their phones Bluetooth to it. Bluetooth speakers are also great for those daycations at popular beach resorts where you want to enjoy a special kind of music with your friends while having fun. It is a good travel accessory to have with you when travelling.


Waterproof Universal Sports Headphones Earplugs Headset 3.5mm For ...


There is nothing like silence on a trip or listening to something you prefer when travelling with others to your destination. You can choose normal earplugs, wireless Bluetooth headphones or noise-cancelling earbuds/headphones. It will instantly enhance the experience of having your mind transported to a different place.


Featured Image Source: Work Travel Shoot

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