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Travel Tips: 6 Hacks For Packing Jewellery When Travelling


Ladies, you know you can’t do without an extra piece of Jewellery for any trip. Accessories that can spice up your look from zero to fashion-forward in a heartbeat. We pack Jewellery when we are going on a business trip, holiday, for an event in another city or to spend a weekend with family. How we pack our jewellery for any trip is crucial to ensuring they are in the right condition for usage when we arrive at our destination.

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Below are 6 hacks for packing Jewellery when travelling:

Use Little Plastic Bags To Store Your Jewellery

E.g. small-sized Ziplock bags can keep earrings, pendants, bracelets and rings. If you have lots of small bags, you can use one per jewellery. That means all the earrings in one bag, all the bracelets in another, etc. But if you don’t, you can put them both in one bag and seal the top.

Use Drinking Straws To Pack Delicate Necklaces With a High Propensity For Tangling

Then put them in a purse or pouch so there is no room for them to become twisted. This works if one part of the hook is small enough to slide into a straw. And you can cut a normal-sized straw into two or more pieces to accommodate two or more delicate necklaces.

Try Using Different Household Gadgets To Store The Jewellery

You can keep the backs to your studs earring on a piece of eraser before packing them into a bag. Or you can use an old pill bottle (like those types used for calcium pills) to store your earrings. You can use the inner toilet roll paper or a rolled-up washcloth or hand towel as a holder for your bangles and bracelets. You can also hook your pair of earrings to a button and place them in a silk jewellery bag or pouch.

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Use Old Jewellery Cases To Pack Multiple Similar Jewellery

If you got a surprise gift of a matching set of jewellery on your birthday last year during a beach party at Tarkwa Bay. You can reuse that pack to carry other similar jewellery in it. Those packs usually come with styrofoam or felt inner layer to make sticking earrings into them easy.

Buy a Jewellery Box Or Pouch

Most of these have compartments/different layers for each item. Some jewellery boxes come with universal segments which you can rearrange to store multiple items. Others come a custom to allow you to store specific jewellery in specific places. As for the pouches, they have multiple zips so you can choose what to put in which compartment.

Travel With a Small Amount Of Jewellery

When you match your accessories to your outfits, make sure you take only one statement piece and a few dual-purpose pieces. Make sure the statement piece is the type that can go for any impromptu special event that pops up. Also, it should be an inexpensive piece, just like the others you are travelling with. That way if your jewellery gets missing, you won’t miss it too much because you have more back home.

Make sure you either write a list, take a photo, or keep a mental note of all the jewellery you travel with. That way you don’t misplace anyone throughout your journey.

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