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7 Foods You Should Not Microwave

 The best thing about technology is the fact that it makes life easy. The business of cooking is so much more easier because of the modern gadgets in our kitchens. However, as useful as these cooking gadgets can be, caution must be exercised in their usage for if they are not handled properly, they can cause home fires.

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The microwave is a common kitchen appliance. I can tell you for free that it can be a blessing on a tiring day. It can heat and reheat food quickly. It can defrost frozen food and it can also cook certain foods.

But there are some foods that should never be put in the microwave as they can explode, make a mess or give off harmful toxins. Here are some examples of food that should not be microwaved:


The Nutritional Value of Egg Whites Versus Egg Yolks: What Do You Use? | A Healthier Michigan

A Healthier Michigan

Please, don’t make the mistake of trying to hard-boil egg by microwaving it. The reason for this is simple. The high temperature in the microwave will create steam within the egg. The resulting pressure will build to the point of explosion.

Breast milk

Breast Milk Colour: From Yellow to Blue to Pink - TMR International HospitalTMR International Hospital

Tmr International

The breast pump is a wonderful device that allows lactating mothers to express and freeze breast milk. This frozen breast milk can be thawed and fed the baby when the mother is unavailable.

However, a bit of care is advised in the thawing and heating of breast milk. The Food and Drug Administration warns that microwave does not distribute heat evenly. This could create hot spots in the milk that could scald your baby’s sensitive palate.

I’m sure you don’t want this to happen. So, stop microwaving breast milk. Instead, use hot water to heat it up.

Cooking Oil

Comparing oils: Olive, coconut, canola, and vegetable oil

Medical News Today

Biko, in case you don’t know, cooking oils like peanut, coconut, olive, avocado amongst others, are not categorized as liquid but as fat. But while heating oil in microwave is not necessarily a dangerous exercise, it is, needless to say, an ineffective one.

This is largely because there isn’t any liquid in the oil to heat; as such, it would most likely not be as warm as you would like it to be.

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Frozen Meat

Frozen Boneless Beef Cubes

QB Food

At one point in time or the other, you must have forgotten to take the meat out of the freezer to thaw in time for dinner. If this happens when there is power supply, I’m certain that you’d thank God for little mercies. The light will enable you to use the microwave to defrost the meat quickly. This would help you to get dinner ready in reasonable time.

Well, hanty, it may interest you to note that a report from Reader’s Digest has revealed that if heat is not distributed evenly when microwaving frozen meat, you may end up with hot spots, and frozen spots, making it susceptible to the growth of dangerous bacteria.

Frozen Fruits

Fresh vs Frozen Fruit & Veg: What's Healthier? – Kayla Itsines

Kayla Itsines

The thought of microwaving fruits has never crossed my mind. But I know some people have weird tendencies.  If you are one of those people, biko, microwaving frozen fruits is a bad idea.

Doing this will not only turn the beneficial properties in the fruit into carcinogens, it may also result in adverse immunological effects.


Best Homemade Bread Recipe - How To Make Homemade Bread


Bread lovers and those who have bread cravings should pay attention. I understand that necessity is the mother of invention. But, if you are one of those people wey hunger and cravings dey give ideas, please, don’t attempt to warm frozen bread in microwave.

If you allow hunger to lead you into this temptation, you’ll end up with leather because the bread will be too hard to chew.


Cup of Water Free Stock Photo - ISO Republic

ISO Republic

One must be careful whilst microwaving water as it may result in superheating. Superheating occurs when the temperature of the water rises above the  boiling point. When this happens, any attempt to move the boiling water can cause it to erupt unto the person trying to carry it. Serious burns and injury will be the result.

In conclusion, you and your home would be safer if you know what to microwave and what not to microwave. Stay safe.



Eating Well


Reader’s Digest


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