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App Of The Week: Chipper Cash

In Nigeria, sending and receiving money across borders is still a challenge for many despite the growth in electronic payments.

Chipper was launched to help make money transfers more seamless for many Africans. The app enables payments in and between Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ghana, and South Africa.

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How Chipper Cash Makes Payments Easier 

Send & Receive Money

Chipper Cash lets you send and receive money without having to make unnecessary trips to the bank or agent. You can easily transfer money between your bank accounts for free, with zero fees.

Buy Discounted Airtime and Earn Cashback

You can purchase airtime at a discount and earn 2% or more cashback instantly. The app also lets you send airtime to friends and loved ones at home and abroad.


Pay Bills Instantly for Free

Paying bills on Chipper Cash comes at no extra charge. The process is seamless and you can pay bills for yourself as well as others.


Earn with Chipper

You can earn on Chipper by simply sharing the app with friends and loved ones, who get a bonus as well.


Pay Anyone / Get Paid, Instantly

If you run a business and need to make international transfers, you can easily pay using Chipper and save money on transaction fees.

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Chipper Cash also makes shopping for items online easy, without incurring extra charges.


Getting The App

Chipper is available for download on Google Playstore and the App Store. Click one of the links below to download the app depending on the device you use.




Featured image source: TechCrunch

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