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Brands We Love: Eleganza

Somewhere along the popular Mobolaji Johnson Avenue in Ikeja, Lagos sits a large industrial complex. Behind the gates and walls, heavy-duty machines churn out a continuous series of plastic products: chairs, bottles, travel boxes, coolers, and even hair thread. The fabrication is supervised by workers clad in protective overalls.

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But it’s not just another factory in the heart of Lagos. It’s the Eleganza Industrial City, the space that births items bearing the well-known Eleganza brand name.

The reader likely recalls using pens with this name carved on it. Those pens were among a broader assemblage of products that have come from the Eleganza Group. These days, the company makes chairs, warmers and coolers, pet bottles, soaps, diapers, and sanitary towels, among other things.

It employs thousands of Nigerians and has many more as its distributors across the country.

Eleganza has a history that stretches back several decades. Its founder, Razaq Okoya, began it as a jewellery manufacturing company. He later added shoes to his list of products. Over the years, the brand has expanded and metamorphosed, moving with the times and adapting to the prevailing needs of the market.

Eleganza’s Island Coolers are available in various forms, sizes and colours, as are its many chair and table types. Like the other products on offer from the company, they can be purchased from its distributor’s outlets. However, orders worth ₦200,000 may be ordered directly from the company itself, via its website.

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Other plastic products manufactured by the company include bottles and plastic packs. Third-party merchants can request these to be produced by Eleganza on their behalf, with the desired names and special designs.

Toilet soap, diapers, and hair threads are produced at the Eleganza facilities as well.

Persons interested in becoming distributors for Eleganza may contact the company via the contact details listed on its website. Products can be moved outside of their production area of Lagos if need be.

Eleganza tends to evolve its offerings over time. It’s not clear what the brand has up its sleeves next. But it will likely remain a dominant player in Nigeria’s manufacturing sector for the foreseeable future.

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Featured image source: Eleganza Groups

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